First Pearl Jam show in August. What should I expect?



  • Expect pickles from Speedy & a sweaty hug from Dimi
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    Deadman said:
    Expect the biggest circle pit youve ever seen.
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  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 708
    This thread applies to me to. While I'm an obsessed fan, I haven't been able to see a show until this summer at Wrigley!

    Can't. Freaking. Wait.
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    The best music ever, some awesome really excited fans singing along, cool Wishlist preparties, Long merch and GA lines, few drunk even bros and hoes, hangover between shows, over priced beers, great food in Chicago, overall 5 stars...
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  • Tonitex7Tonitex7 Posts: 4
    PJNB said:
    Tonitex7 said:
    Hello all!  Does anyone know when Ten Club tells you where your drawing tickets are located?  Also, where can I find where the pre concert parties for the Chicago and Boston shows are on the Wishlist?  Thank you!
    They will be sent to your mobile phone in early July and I believe the preparties are still be organized. 
    Thank you very much PJNB!
  • lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 4,082
    Face melted if you get too close to the stage mike side.
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