ISO Saskatoon 2011 poster

superj72superj72 Posts: 105
How has this become so incredibly hard to find? Hoping someone can help me out. I was front row for this show and Eddie gave me his wine bottle and came back to hand me the cork to take it home. Awesome night... a couple years later, I sold the poster to a friend of a friend who lives in Saskatoon for $50. I thought I bought an extra, but realized when I went to ship I only had one. Kept my word and sold it and have been looking to replace for quite some time. SE, AP, silver variant... any one would be awesome. Straight $$ or some reasonable trades is cool. 

And yes I know there is one on "that online auction site" right now, but I would prefer the community option for this one.

My God, it's been so long...


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