The Wheel

Been listening to Out of Sand a lot.

The Wheel.

For a higher plain
Riding your wheel
I know a man
Built on the truth
But his life 
Lived on a message that came
From a murky past

You are
Who you are
Did I come once before
Will I come again
Ask these questions 
So, so close
To the truth

Your life blood 
Pure as it were
To the last drop
Yet you stare 
At your comfort 
Drunk like baby 
Suckling a pacifier

You are
Who you are
Did I come before
Will I come again
You had a start
You will meet your end
The in between is yours

Offer up your alms 
For never to return
Stare at your comfort with eyes closed
To be numb
Your choices coloured
By your future 
That will never come

You are
Who you are 
Did I come before
Will I come again
The truth 
So, so close
Ride it to the end
Ride your wheel



  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    I wanna come clean
    This blood in me
    Fighting to die
    Cause we
    Want out
    But i will overcome
    By holding within
    My blood
    Never to drink
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