army reserve

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Army reserve rocks!!!
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    I agree...Probably my favorite PJ song!!!
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    I think this has become my # 2 from Avocado behind Inside Job

    the clangy guitars and the harmony in the chorus, just sucks me into this song

    I was thrilled to hear it in Cleveland and recognized it when I think Stone played the first note when he got the guitar to play this song before Ed introduced it.

    I am gonna watch the version from ACL right now :)
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    More i hear this song, the more i appreciate it and appreciate this album as a to hear it in Lexington and sounded great live
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    the lyrics are unfortunately just as relevant today as they were 10 years ago
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    That whole album still sounds relevant, which is either a testament to the great music they created or a sad sign of our country lyrically.

    Been listening to this album a lot and it holds up well. Their best post Binaural album for me, with Riot Act close behind. No duds.
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    I absolutely love what Matt does on the kick drum on this track...
  • KV4053KV4053 Mike's side, crushed up against the stagePosts: 1,000
    It'd be interesting to see which lines (or lyrical concepts) were by Damien Echols
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    I love this song too. Music by Jeff Ament. There is something about the rhythm of his music that really make his songs unique.
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    Love It !!!

    One of my favorites. I've been on a avocado kick lately after not listening for a while
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    extremely unique song live.
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    I appreciate how the music accompanies the lyrics so well and creates the somber mood. Ed tells such a sad story and the music is the perfect backdrop for it. Another intricate song by PJ that is neither radio or concert friendly but is important and powerful nonetheless.
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