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Looking for support and wondering what PJ'S stance is on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Currently the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in ND is battling big oil and money while the Army Corps of Engineers is granting access to allow construction of a 1100 mile pipeline from ND to Illinois. The Standing Rock tribe has been trying to stop them from illegally constructing the pipeline through their reservation. A couple weeks ago the construction crew dug through scared burial grounds....the company used attack dogs and pepper spray to attack the Native Americans. This story is finally getting some national attention, coverage & support. President Obama finally stepped in after a Federal judge ruled against an injunction filed by the Standing Rock Tribe this past Friday. A peaceful protest has been happening against the pipeline coming under the only water source for the Standing Rock is becoming HUGE. Celebrites are beginning to show support and coming to the camp. They NEED support. People from all over the world are coming to the camp as well as protests happening against this pipeline all the way to Illinois. The current presidental candidates will not speak out on their position. But they have to know. Originally this was getting all kinds of extreme negative press....the ND Governor is out of control with the situation as he owns a stake in the project. It's all paid out....the Native Americans treaties are being broken, racism happening like it's a modern day civil war. Lawrence ODonell has been covering the story on MSNBC....Winona LaDuke....Democracy Now.....Anonymous....etc.....Please speak out Pearl Jam....PLEASE EDDIE....CAN YOU HELP?!?!
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