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Squirrel Jam

Hi! I am Deadly Vedder, number 5(against)1, and I play roller derby with the Puget Sound Outcast. Like many derby leagues in Seattle (and other cities with high rent) we are desperately in need of a practice space in the Seattle or Shoreline area, for 2 hours at least 2 nights (or weekend days) a week. Warehouse space is ideal, but tends to be expensive when rent is charged by the square foot. We currently pay about $65/hour at the Rat's Nest in Shoreline, and could probably go up to $75 if push comes to shove--which, by the way, is illegal in derby.    We are a great league, skater owned and operated, scrappy and welcoming to all genders/sexes and experience levels. And there are other PJ fans in the league besides me. So--can you help us out? Or do you know someone who might be able to? Please pm me if so. I will bake you brownies!!!


Squirrel Jam
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