2016 tickets swap/sell (face only) thread



  • smhondlsmhondl Avon, MNPosts: 25
    I have one (1) extra GA Standing for 4/21 Columbia, SC looking to swap for one (1) GA Standing 4/20 Raleigh, NC.
    08/28/92 Harriet Island: St. Paul, MN
    06/30/98 Target Center: Minneapolis, MN
    06/15/03 FargoDome: Fargo, ND
    06/16/03 Xcel Energy Center: St. Paul, MN
    09/09/05 Fort William Gardens: Thunder Bay, ON
    06/26/06 Xcel Energy Center: St. Paul, MN
    06/27/06 Xcel Energy Center: St. Paul, MN
    09/03/11 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI (PJ20)
    09/04/11 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI (PJ20)
    09/17/11 MTS Centre: Winnipeg, MB
    10/19/14 Xcel Energy Center: St. Paul, MN
    04/20/16 PNC Arena: Raleigh, NC (CANCELLED)
    04/21/16 Colonial Life Arena: Columbia, SC
    08/22/16 Wrigley Field: Chicago, IL
    08/10/18 Safeco Field: Seattle, WA 
    08/13/18 Grizzly Stadium: Missoula, MT
    04/09/20 Pepsi Center: Denver, CO (CANCELLED)
    09/22/22 Ball Arena: Denver, CO 
  • andertakerandertaker Posts: 100
    ISO 1 Tampa GA and Wrigley 1 GA pair or TC res pair
    Have Hampton TC Res pair to trade or cash
  • jmug23jmug23 Posts: 770
    edited April 2016
    I have two reserved tickets for Greenville. My friend and I both won. His club number is high. Believe he only signed up a couple years ago. If interested PM me. First come, first serve.

    Edit. Tickets sold to Aaron
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  • Like WavesLike Waves Posts: 18
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    I have an extra single 10C ticket for sale. It's an ADA seat though, and I'm not sure if that means it'll be good or bad and guess won't know until day of (that said, for the first time the CTC actually has wheelchair seating on the floor so fingers crossed).. I'm the wheelchair user of the pair, so you don't have to be disabled, but it's all wheelchair seating (usually with available non-stationary folding seats for the non-wheelchair guest) if you are anyway.

    Asking face/what I paid, so $113 CAD.

    EDIT: Sorry, I copied and pasted this from the Ottawa Roll Call thread, and forgot to include the city in this one. It's for Ottawa.
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  • maverickmaverick Posts: 1,131
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    helping a friend...
    For sale, face value - $79 each (I think)
    1 reserved seat - Columbia
    1 reserved seat - Lexington (pending)

    Fanclub number is in the 130,xxx range.
    Pm if interested. Thanks.
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  • pearldavidsonpearldavidson PAPosts: 1,344
    maverick said:

    helping a friend...
    For sale, face value - $79 each (I think)
    1 reserved seat - Columbia
    1 reserved seat - Lexington

    Fanclub number is in the 130,xxx range.
    Pm if interested. Thanks.

    PM sent.

  • DSTRUBDSTRUB Posts: 283

    1 spare TM Lexington, KY

    Sec 25. Row M. Seat 2
    2013= Wrigley 1, Dallas, OKC
    2014= Amsterdam 1&2, St. Louis, Lincoln, Detroit, Moline, Denver
    2015= Mexico City
    2016= Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Lexington, MSG1, Fenway1, Wrigley 2&3
    2017= EV @ Ohana
    2018= London 1, Boarderline, Seattle 1&2, Missoula MT, Wrigley 4&5
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 77,852
    ISO one Philly Night 2 ticket for a friend.
  • GibsonGibson TorontoPosts: 2,301
    Have - pair of 10C Ottawa (may be GA)
    Need -Fenway pair anywhere (either night)
    1998: Barrie  2000: Toronto  2005: Kitchener, London, Hamilton, Toronto  2006: Toronto 1&2, Paris, Milan, Torino, Pistoia  2009: Calgary, Vancouver  2011: Canada  2013: London, Wrigley, Philly 1&2  2014: St. Louis, ACL 1, Detroit  2016: Lexington, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto 1&2, Fenway 1&2, Wrigley 1&2  2017: EV - Louisville  2018: London 1&2, Milan, Padova, Rome, Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Wrigley 1&2, Fenway 1&2  2020: Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton  2021: London 1&2  2022:

  • Comatose PilateComatose Pilate MainePosts: 342
    Have : one 10c reserved 72,xxx Wrigley night1
    Need: one GA Wrigley night1
    1996: Augusta
    1998: Montreal, Mansfield I&II
    2000: Mansfield I&II, Montreal
    2003: Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, Mansfield I&III
    2005: Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec
    2006: Albany, Hartford, Boston I&II
    2007: Lollapalooza
    2008: Bonnaroo, Camden I&II, Hartford, Mansfield I&II
    2009: Philadelphia III&IV
    2010: Hartford, Boston, New York City II
    2011: Alpine Valley I&II
    2013: Buffalo, Worcester I&II, Hartford, Los Angeles I&II
    2014: Tulsa, Lincoln
    2016: New York City I&II, Quebec City, Boston I&II, Chicago I&II
    2017: New York 
    2018: Seattle I&II, Boston I&II
  • I have 1 reserved Jacksonville FL ticket for sale
  • ScottwoodhouseScottwoodhouse Posts: 17
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    I have one reserved seating available for Raleigh. Ten club ticket. Wife cannot go. I will be going to Greenville and Columbia also. Life long PJ fan. PM me.
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  • jhousnetjhousnet Posts: 47
    Figured, I'd try this....I have two tickets upper deck through Ticketmaster to the Tampa show that I'll trade for 1 ticket to Night #1 of MSG (doesn't matter where).
  • iwasatpj20iwasatpj20 Rockford, ILPosts: 3,137
    Have one reserved for Raleigh available. PM if interested
    2000 - Chicago, IL
    2003 - Champaign, IL
    2006 - Chicago, IL 1 & 2
    2007 - Chicago, IL Lollapalooza
    2009 - Chicago, IL 1 & 2
    2010 - St. Louis, MO
    2011 - East Troy, WI 1 & 2 (PJ20 Destination Weekend)
    2012 - Atlanta, GA, Missoula, MT
    2013 - Chicago, IL (Wrigley Field), Dallas, TX, Oklahoma City, OK
    2014 - St. Louis, MO, Tulsa, OK, Moline, IL (No Code, IL), Saint Paul, MN, Milwaukee, WI (Yield, WI)
    2016 - Greenville, SC (Vs, SC), Raleigh, NC, Columbia, SC, Boston, MA (Fenway Park 1), Chicago, IL (Wrigley Field 1 & 2)
    2018 - Seattle, WA (Safeco Field 2), Chicago, IL (Wrigley Field 1 & 2), Boston, MA (Fenway Park 2)
    2020 - Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO, Oklahoma City, OK, Phoenix, AZ, ??
    2022 - Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO, Oklahoma City, OK, Phoenix, AZ, ??

    2012 - Temple of the Dog East Troy, WI (PJ20 Destination Weekend)
    2014 - Soundgarden Tinley Park, IL (with Nine Inch Nails)
    2014 - Alice in Chains Davenport, IA
    2016 - Chris Cornell Solo Madison, WI and Peoria, IL (official hometown show)
    2016 - Temple of the Dog San Francisco, CA (both shows)
    2017 - Soundgarden Dallas (cancelled) RIP Chris Cornell
    2018 - Smashing Pumpkins Chicago, IL (first show)
    2019 - Alice in Chains Milwaukee, WI

    RIP Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, and Chris Cornell

    RIP Mom (may your star shine the brightest in the sky, our family loves and misses you very much, we'll meet again)

  • Looking for a single to FTL or Miami. Thanks!
  • mr132129mr132129 Posts: 4
    Still have 2x 4/8 Show. Section 311, Row 10. Ticketmaster Face-Value.
  • APlasticHeartAPlasticHeart Dunedin, FLPosts: 51
    I have 1 Extra GA for Tampa for face. Prefer someone who will be there early waiting in line to get in.
    1996: Hartford
    1998: Mansfield 1
    2000: Mansfield 1 & 2
    2003: Albany, Uniondale, Mansfield 1, 2 & 3
    2004: Boston 1 & 2
    2005: Montreal, Ottawa
    2006: Albany, Hartford, Boston 1 & 2
    2008: Columbia, Virginia Beach, Camden 1 & 2, Washington D. C., Hartford, Mansfield 1 & 2
    2010: Boston
    2011: East Troy 1 & 2
    2012: Pensacola
    2013: Worcester 1 & 2, Hartford
  • thatbeatthatbeat Posts: 34
    I have 1 extra for Columbia, Section 113 row 6

    pm me if interested- face value + tax

  • duffmannduffmann PHILLYPosts: 461

    I have 1 Extra GA for Tampa for face. Prefer someone who will be there early waiting in line to get in.

    Message sent lets hook this guy up!

    After all this time, hoping my good karma pays off.
    amongst-the-sun TampaPosts: 58
    April 2 in Given To Fly (live) Flag
    I don't really ask for tickets. I'm usually on the other end of these threads making fans happy by selling them my extra ticket as I've traveled years alone to PJ shows around the country. This includes some of the most memorable shows; MSG 2008, The Spectrum Night 3&4, Boston 2010, Charlottesville and even PJ20 Night 1 when I won the lottery. A lucky fan got 9th row dead center.

    I've been very fortunate to see shows over the years, but the one thing I've always wanted was to see PJ in my hometown (Tampa) in GA. If anyone has an extra GA, please let me know.

    I'm hoping the good karma comes to me as I helped fulfill many requests over the years, and brought many smiles to the faces of fans.

    Tampa (2003) - Hershey (2003) - Kissimm
    Philly PA 91, Philly 92, Camden NJ 98, Camden 2X 00, State College PA, Philly, Camden 2X & Hershey PA 03, Reading PA 04, AC NJ 2X & Philly 05, Camden 2X 06, Camden 2X 08, Philly X4 09, Philly X2 & Balt MD 13, Natti OH & Moline IL 14, Ft. Lauderdale & Miami FL, Philly 2X, MSG 2X, Fenway 2X 16, Seattle WA 2X, Missoula MT, Wrigley X2, Fenway X2 18.......
    San Diego & LA CA 2X, Glendale AZ, MSG, Camden, Nashville TN, St. Louis MO 22.....
  • 100 Pacer100 Pacer Toronto, ONPosts: 7,806
    Anyone with a pair of Greenville GA looking to swap for Greenville reserved? My 10C number is #131,XXX so should be a great pair of reserved seats.
    To quote the 10C from Newsletter #8: "Please understand we have a lot of members and it is very hard to please everybody. If you are one of those unhappy people...please call 1-900-IDN-TCAR."

    "Me knowing the truth, I can not concur."

    1996: Toronto - 1998: Chicago, Montreal, Barrie - 2000: Montreal, Toronto - 2002: Seattle X2 (Key Arena) - 2003: Cleveland, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle (Benaroya Hall) - 2004: Reading, Toledo, Grand Rapids - 2005: Kitchener, London, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City - 2006: Toronto X2, Albany, Hartford, Grand Rapids, Cleveland - 2007: Chicago (Vic Theatre) - 2008: NYC X2, Hartford, Mansfield X2 - 2009: Toronto, Chicago X2, Seattle X2, Philadelphia X4 - 2010: Columbus, Noblesville, Cleveland, Buffalo, Hartford - 2011: Montreal, Toronto X2, Ottawa, Hamilton - 2012: Missoula - 2013: London, Chicago, Buffalo, Hartford - 2014: Detroit, Moline - 2015: NYC (Global Citizen Festival) - 2016: Greenville, Toronto X2, Chicago 1 - 2017: Brooklyn (RRHOF Induction) - 2018: Chicago 1, Boston 1 - 2022: Fresno, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, NYC, Camden
  • TG858TG858 Posts: 15
    I have one ticket from ticketmaster Section 311 row BS3 for MSG night 1 for face available. After ticketmaster fees it comes to $103.70. Will round it off to an even $100. I will be going to the show in a different seat so I can meet the person at the show and hand deliver the ticket so they know it works. IM me if interested.
  • Bissy77Bissy77 MinnesotaPosts: 418
    Looking for 1 GA to Wrigley Night 2.
    MLPS: 6-30-98 ; East Troy: 10-8-00 ; St. Paul: 6-16-03 ; East Troy: 6-21-03 ; Camden: 7-5-03 ; Grand Rapids: 10-3-04 ; Thunder Bay: 9-9-05 ; East Rutherford: 6-1-06; East Rutherford: 6-3-06 ; St. Paul: 6-26-06 ; St. Paul: 6-27-06, Chicago 8/23/09, Chicago 8/24/09, EV MLPS 7-2-11, PJ20 Alpine Valley 9-3-11, PJ20 Alpine Valley 9-4-11; Wrigley 7-19-13, St Paul 10-19-14; Wrigley 8-22-16
  • TF187188TF187188 Posts: 21
    Looking for 2 MSG night 1 tickets. I have 2 Philly night 2 tickets to trade (section 211 row 2) and 3 or 4 bootleg codes to trade.
  • chitownp76chitownp76 Posts: 1,367
    TF187188 said:

    Looking for 2 MSG night 1 tickets. I have 2 Philly night 2 tickets to trade (section 211 row 2) and 3 or 4 bootleg codes to trade.

    2014: Moline, IL
    2015: EV Solo (Metro Chicago)
    2016: Philadelphia PA 1, Philadelphia PA 2, New York City NY- MSG 1, EV Solo (Metro Chicago), Boston MA Fenway 1, Wrigley 1, Wrigley 2
    2017: EV Ohana Fest (Dana Point, CA), EV/Pete Townshend Quadrophenia Rosemont, IL
    2018: Seattle WA 1, Seattle WA 2, Missoula MT, Wrigley 1, Wrigley 2, Boston MA Fenway 1, Boston MA Fenway 2
    2019: EV Tempe, AZ
    2020: PPD
    2022: EV & Earthlings Chicago 1 & 2, Phoenix AZ, Camden NJ, Nashville TN, St. Louis MO
  • DPrival78DPrival78 CTPosts: 2,259
    looking for 1 for philly 2
    i'm more a fan of popular bands.. like the bee-gees, pearl jam
  • Looking for 2 Ft Lauderdale reserved or GA.
  • TeddyledbetterTeddyledbetter Seattle, WAPosts: 473
    ISO GA Tampa, GA Greenville, GA Hampton
    Willing to camp out!
    If anyone looking for rideshare between shows in FL I have room.
    I'm doing a big circle starting and ending in FT Lauderdale.
  • andrew68andrew68 TorontoPosts: 1,641
    Have: Toronto N2 sec105 and Ottawa 10C Reserved

    Need : FLL GA and MIA GA

    He was okay,... but wondering... about wandering
  • SmallestOceansSmallestOceans Posts: 13,542
    ISO 2 Miami tickets, reserved or GA
    Worcester1 13, Worcester2 13, Hartford 13, San Diego 13, Los Angeles1 13, Los Angeles2 13
    Trieste 14, Vienna 14, Gdynia 14, Leeds 14, Milton Keynes 14, Denver 14
    Central Park 15
    Fort Lauderdale 16, Miami 16, Tampa 16, Jacksonville 16, Greenville 16, Hampton 16, Columbia 16, Lexington 16, Philly1 16, Philly2 16, NYC1 16, NYC2 16, Quebec City 16, Ottawa 16, Toronto1 16, Toronto2 16, Fenway1 16, Fenway2 16, Wrigley1 16, Wrigley2 16

  • I have two GA tix for Ottawa via the fan club lottery and suddenly have mama guilt about not being with my daughter on mothers day and at a PJ concert instead. I have had contact from a few people interested in my tix, but I don't see in the rules how I can give the tix to them instead: don't I have to be there to pick up the tickets and then sell them for face value to the folks that want them? I live 8hrs away, that will really suck. Anyone know the answer to how I can give up both tix? Or... Has anyone seen an 8yr old in the pit before? Lol (Problem is I wanted to arrive crazy early and get the rail, but she won't last 12hrs standing in one spot, obviously!)
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