Album/Tour Possibilities

Hey everyone, so I heard a rumour that a new PJ album is in the works which leads me to believe a tour in 2016/2017, I only got huge into the band about 2011, which was the last time they came to my city (Edmonton AB, Canada). My friend won tickets and wanted to take me because I was the only person he knew living in Edmonton so of course I was going to go, but a week or two before a close friend of ours who is a huge fan moved to edmonton, he had never seen them so I told them to go. The day after the show, I find out once they got there, they won tickets again that were front row, and got to talk to eddie on stage. A few years later (Lightning Bolt Tour), Pearl Jam came to Calgary, which was the closest city, I had nosebleeds but was still pumped, the day of the show we were packed and ready to drive down and the worst snowstorm of the year came, meaning we couldn't drive down, the highway was closed. So now desperate to see them, I'm curious as to when you guys think the next Pearl Jam tour will be and the chances of them playing either Edmonton or Calgary. Also being a 10C member what are my chances of getting good seats? Thanks everybody!
2016- TOTD Seattle Night 1+2
2018- Home Shows Night 1+2, Missoula 
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