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Beware Counterfeit Pearl Jam Tickets ( Brooklyn )



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  • Has anyone had a successful Craigslist ticket exchange for Brooklyn over the last few days?? I keep coming across shady characters and just want to know if anyone has had a different experience?

  • I did, but this was right after tix went on sale. They were sent from his ticketmaster account to mine through ticket exchange. I contacted ticketmaster to verify and they are legit.
  • NastyNeilG wrote:
    I did, but this was right after tix went on sale. They were sent from his ticketmaster account to mine through ticket exchange. I contacted ticketmaster to verify and they are legit.

    Thanks. Yeah, it seems so far that ticket exhange is the best option. There are so many tix still out there on Craigslist, and I really want to get in the building... :x
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    Christ. I'm freaked out now too. I arrive from Ireland today after buying a PDF ticket on ebay. The guy sent me his TM receipt etc but I know I am taking a risk. Hopefully its legit.
  • What time are the actual tickets releases to 10C members?
  • chill...if you dont have a ticket now... chill...catch one of the philly shows that are selling for well below face price on stubhub ,get down there via the chinatown bus.
    dont chance anything on a scalper unless they are walking with you right up to the entrance to get the ticket scanned.
    looks like many fans have traveled far to catch these nyc shows.

    keep pounding on ticketmaster even if it says none available.
    i got $100 obstructed view stones newark tickets last year at 430pm day of the show on ticketmaster
    i saw the smashing pumpkins last year at this arena and wasnt impressed with the vibe of the place.
    i will never underestimate pj no matter what the venue.
    now if this was msg or the spectrum, then get in there by any means.
  • mjd327 wrote:
    God...I'm nervous. I got a really good deal for 10/19. 100s section...not by the stage or anything (Facing the stage all the way across) but it was only $135 a ticket. That was really low.

    Does Stubhub ALWAYS refund you? I mean what if there's no tickets left....if everything goes how can they...

    I dunno I'm just really worried.

    Im still looking for 10/18 tickets...Ive never seen them before so am planning to go to both, but Im a little worried about getting turned away at the door or something.
    As others have said, don't sweat it... the example cited earlier of getting a fake ticket is the exception, not the rule. Plus, when there's a problem, StubHub can be a pain in the ass re: hold times, but they get it done overall. I've bought some and sold some, and they even kept me whole as a seller when they made a mistake... I had two GA tix for Moby and couldn't make it, so I allowed them the sell them as singles, and they gave the same ticket to two people. I've also never had issues as a buyer with cancelled/not-necessary events (like Game 7 last Yankees Series) and getting $ put back on my credcard reasonably quickly. Relax... they might be a locale for gouging, but they stand by their product.
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  • I wonder how many people got scammed for night 1. I saw several people upset they could not get in including a father and son. I've never seen so many fake listings, strange even for NYC.
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    same here saw a number of people get turned away
  • I got screwed on some Rangers tickets a couple years back. I tend to stay away from Craigslist and buy from forum members. Luckily I have never had to pay over fv for tix. The greatest moment was at Wrigley, I lapped the bar at the ten club pre party for about six hours asking for tickets and finally got some tix behind the first base dugout for FV from a TC member. Awesome!
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