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R.I.P Petey 5/26/09 - 9/24/12

dwhite76dwhite76 Posts: 2,801
edited October 2012 in Lost Dogs
Thank you to every one that has helped my family with what was a horrible week for us. We tried to do all that we could but to no avail we lost the good fight.

Sadly we had to put Petey to sleep yesterday. I wanted to let you all know sooner but I was just to heartbroken to reply the news.

Petey ended up having Valley Fever. This is a mold spore found in desert areas that effect humans and animals. Some people get pneumonia like symptoms. Others can just get the neurological part of the virus.

Petey didnt show any signs of being sick. He sneezed a lot but we were told it allergies. The Valley Fever is what caused the seizures. It was contracted a minimal of a year ago the Vet says and because he was so young and healthy he just didnt show any signs until it was to late. The disease spread into his nervous system and the size of the seizures and the frequency caused just to much brain damage it was in his best interest to let him go.

As you can tell we are all saddened. But it was very uplifting for us and especially my young one to read all your positive wishes and heart felt prayers.

I couldnt stand the fact of some one taking my dog so I took him out to his favorite walk along the mountains and laid him to rest there so he can watch the sun set. We will think of him at every sun set now. :) There will be not be another goofy dog quiet like Petey. He will be loved and always missed.

Maybe PJ can play Sad from Lost Dogs on Sunday in memory of Petey.

Thank you.

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  • Im sorry to hear about your dog man. Dogs are family more then some relatives
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  • dwhite76dwhite76 Posts: 2,801
    Im sorry to hear about your dog man. Dogs are family more then some relatives

    Thank you. Funny I still have my dogs. Cant say that about the relatives. Especialy when you havent had many to start with.
    Some words when spoken...Can't be taken back...
  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 14,930
    Heart broken to hear that. My dog Ben (see my avatar) suffers from epileptic seizures and spent two nights in the hospital last July. They are the scariest thing to witness.

    Been looking for the Budich Eddie for a long while. Hate getting it under these circumstances but if it will help you out I am in. Will send a PM.

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  • StillHereStillHere Posts: 7,793
    Oh My Goodness. I am so sorry to hear this. I wish that I could purchase something from you to help out but with a brand new baby in the house I am just stripped bare. When my Hankie got so sick I remember the feeling of wanting to do anything to help him.

    Is it OK to share this over in some of the facebook groups? You would get some more exposure over there?

    You have helped so many people here, I sure do hope you get what you need. I can not help you with the $ but I sure can spread the word..if that's OK w you.

    ALSO...put this in the DOGGIE THREAD here in the forum. Many dog lovers here in the pit.

    Please keep us informed.

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  • Ill take budich... Pm me with paypal
  • I want the hoodie pm me plz
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  • boyo79boyo79 Warrington, UKPosts: 6,525
    Sorry to hear that Don, hope everything works out :thumbup: Got a few pets myself and I was heartbroken earlier in the year when a couple were ill.
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  • pm sent
  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 21,502
    PM sent -- sorry to hear your news!
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  • hensodhensod Posts: 192
    Sorry about your dog hope u get the cash needed!
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  • White DiscussionWhite Discussion Melissa TexasPosts: 2,772
    Wow someone buy that Charlotte print so great in person. I own this because of you great people 8-) !!!

    dwhite76 wrote:
    I am selling my stuff so I can get our family dog out of the Vet Hospital. I woke up this morning to my son screaming and crying. Our 2 year old American Bulldog was seizing.

    I tended to him knowing that it will soon pass. For some reason this one did not. he continued to have 6 more seizures lasting about a minute and a half each. His temperature started to spike and then I knew I had to get him to the Vet Hospital.

    We just got him for my sons birthday so he is a wreck. I have 2 options. 1 Put the dog down or 2, sell some of my Pearl Jam stuff to come up with the $1200 bill. The hospital wont take any payment plans but they have agreed to work something out were we can give them $750 and they will take a payments on the rest.

    So Please buy some thing if you can. If the price is to high make a offer. I know 10 club dont like that but Im asking them to please look the other way so I dont have to put our dog down. They dont have over night so I have until 5:30 pm Pacific to sell this stuff.

    Sorry for the sad story and begging but I have no where I can turn. The 10 club is my only extended family.

    Thank You.

    All Prices include shipping in the USA. I will ship else where but you will pay for shipping.


    $130 White Back Spacer
    $110 Mint NO Code
    $$300 for every 10 Club single

    $450 1998 Hartford CT 1st. 4 tiny pin holes other wise mint. I can send pictures


    $650 1996 Emek Charlotte 1st


    $70 Lost Dogs Plush Puppy


    $125 Toronto 2006 1st


    $225 Dusseldorf 2007 Signed & Numbered


    $225 Eddie Vedder Seattle 08 Klausen 1st


    $75 Pearl Jam ACL Austin 09 Ames Signed & Numbered


    $35 Beatles Hand Bill I'd Love To Turn You On 09 EMEK/Hampton/Jermaine Signed by all 3


    $100 Pearl Jam Christchurch 2009 Klausen


    $80 Pearl Jam Crashious Stickman Hoodie 09 Crashious Roadside M or L


    $80 Pearl Jam Seattle 1 09 Ames Signed & Numbered


    $175 2009 SLC Signed & Numbered WHITE version. I will add the Regular Signed and & Numbered also


    $85 2010 Eddie 10 Budich


    $160 2011 Eddie Vedder Minneapolis 11 Munk One Signed & Numbered LOW number


    $110 Eddie Vedder Oakland Night 2 11 Mark 5 1st


    $425 PJ20 Leatherman print S/N only 20 made


    $175 Eddie Vedder London 12 Munk One Signed and Numbered Glow In Dark Its Cool.


    $250 Is for 2 Laser Foil edition Signed and the regular edition Signed and Numbered


    $45 Stairway to Heaven 11 Rogers Hand Bill Signed FOIL


    $260 Pearl Jam Belgium 12 Stout / Soto I will sell 1 Signed and numbered edition and one 1st print so you can frame them front and back


    $100 Pearl Jam Philadelphia 12 Ames/Klausen Signed and Numbered


    $225 Pearl Jam Philadelphia 12 Klausen VARIANT

  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,332
    sorry for the news.. :(
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  • Nope. Take the Lost Dogs puppy off the list and give it to your kid. Send me your paypal addy again ;)
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  • jjflashjjflash Posts: 4,217
    Bump :)
  • Zep Rules - hope all are well soon.
  • hensodhensod Posts: 192
    :clap::clap::clap: :thumbup:
    Nope. Take the Lost Dogs puppy off the list and give it to your kid. Send me your paypal addy again ;)
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  • LoulouLoulou AdelaidePosts: 6,236
    Don!! :shock:
    I'm so sorry to hear that! :( what a horrible thing to go through. Michael and I think the world of you mate and would like to help. The people on this board were absolutely amazing when it came to my dog Henry and coming up with money quickly for his surgery, it would make me so happy to give back. I'm sure we can spare a couple of hundred, keep your PJ things. ;)
    Much love xxxxx :D:D:D
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  • TN70407TN70407 Posts: 206
    PM Sent
  • jethrojam420jethrojam420 Foxborough MAPosts: 1,075
    hensod wrote:
    :clap::clap::clap: :thumbup:
    Nope. Take the Lost Dogs puppy off the list and give it to your kid. Send me your paypal addy again ;)
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  • NamiNami NewfoundlandPosts: 5,832
    Damn... good luck with your sale Don and i hope your Dog is doing well.
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  • Empty GlassEmpty Glass In Rob's shedPosts: 12,327

    wish I had some cash to help out. hope all works out
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  • BLACK35BLACK35 Hanover, Ontario Posts: 21,384
    sorry to hear the news.....good luck with your sale
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  • BLACK35BLACK35 Hanover, Ontario Posts: 21,384
    Nope. Take the Lost Dogs puppy off the list and give it to your kid. Send me your paypal addy again ;)

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    2009 - Toronto
    2010 - Buffalo
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  • So sorry to hear the news about your dog!

    I'd like the Philly MIA poster ($100) if you haven't gotten rid of it yet. thanks
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  • slobberdog68slobberdog68 In HidingPosts: 682
    Just re-read your story, seems you already know all about the seizures, I thought this was the first one.
    I am assuming these were clusters he was having.
    What medication is he on? Have you tried the Potassium Bromide?
    PM me if you have any questions with the seizures, have been dealing with them for 1.5 years with my Saint.
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  • ElzarElzar Posts: 966
    i dont know if you have pet insurance or not, but it can really help sometimes when those giant vet bills come out of nowhere. i owe my vet a nice sum and im lucky they allow me to make monthly payments without any hassle- but the insurance could come in handy

    wish i had extra cash i'd snap up a few of those items in a heartbeat, Emek Charlotte for $650? insane!

    Good luck with the sale! and hope your pup recovers soon!
  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 33,265
    Nope. Take the Lost Dogs puppy off the list and give it to your kid. Send me your paypal addy again ;)

    Awesome work, Timmy! :clap::clap::clap::clap:
  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 33,265
    pm sent! :)
  • moretonbayfigmoretonbayfig Australia Posts: 805
    PM sent :)
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