R.I.P Petey 5/26/09 - 9/24/12



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    Sorry for your loss Don. Hearts and thoughts are with you and your family
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    I am so sorry for Petey, you and your family Don. I will think of Petey the next time I see a brilliant sunset.
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    I am so sorry for your loss Don. :(
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    I am sorry Don! Such a pretty dog and Valley Fever can be brutal. :(

    Not the same but I had to give my Rottie of 10 years up earlier this year when we moved and I still think about him every day.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss
  • Oh God Don...I'm so sorry to hear this news. When we put our dog down this past summer I frikkin lost it. And in turn my sons were even worse after seeing me in complete disarray. They had never witnessed their father an emotional wreck like that and in that moment trying to now fully understand the true concept of death. It was horrifying to see my boys start to question mortality and such. Thank God for my wife, she just knows how to make things change instantly without doing much at all. While I was trying to be all philasophical and what not in my explanations to my boys she says.. "Why dont you guys go play some video games?" My kids, like 99% of them all today are glued to their xbox and playstations everyday and I dont pay much attention to that crap at all..So I said yeah, cmon lets go play some video games. Next thing ya know 6 hours go by and I have a damn microphone strapped to my head like Brittany Spears talking shit to 12 year olds in Japan and my kids were having a blast :lol::lol::lol: I guess what I am saying is..Go play some damn video games! Grab your kids, lay on the floor with a few pillows and as much junk food you guys can find and enjoy what ya got to the fullest, and go shoot some zombies! Before ya know it this will be behind you and your kids will be as happy as they ever have been. Don't let them see Daddy sad, and since they probably already have..Let them see Dad bounce back like the Champion he is. :)
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    Sorry to hear about your loss Don. I lost my golden retriever Jake last August after 13 yrs and was one of the hardest things I dealt with. As times passes it gets better and I'm sure you know that. Best wishes for you and your family :)
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  • don, i am deeply sorry to hear about your loss :( keep your chin up , rip petey
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    Sorry to hear the news.
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  • So sorry Don,thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. :cry:
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    That sucks, Sorry to hear that.
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    Sorry to hear the news Don. We all tried our best to vibe Petey to a speedy recovery but it was not to be. I hope the sadness ends soon for you and yours. RIP Petey.
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    I'm so sorry Don and family. You did all you could and I know he sensed the love and the care you guys had for him. Nothing else I can say but it hurts. Thank you for all u did and more for him. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. I am going to go listen to Sad right now. My best to you all!
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  • So sorry to hear this, my heart goes out to you and your family. It sounds like you did what you could for Petey and for that I commend you.
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    So sorry to hear this news, Don. :(
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    My thoughts to you and your family on your loss.
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    :cry: I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  • Sorry to hear about your loss. He was a beautiful dog.
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  • So sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. :cry:
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    I am gald he is in his around his favorite spot. The loss of a pet is a hard one. Being a pet owner has so many rewards but it is hard when the end comes.
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  • moses562 wrote:
    I am gald he is in his around his favorite spot. The loss of a pet is a hard one. Being a pet owner has so many rewards but it is hard when the end comes.

    Agreed to hear he is at his favorite place and very sorry about the bad news for Petey
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    I am so sorry for you & your family, Don. I've lost dogs both young & old, and know how devastating it feels. Good of you to take him to a favorite spot.
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    Your family and Petey were lucky to have known each other, as short a time as it was.
    Remember the good times!
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    Thank you all for all the great words I been reading. It actualy brought a few more tears to my eyes feeling the love.

    It was the right decision. That dont make it any easier. Funny I almost feel he knew some thing was about to happen.

    He was such a dope and baby he would never go any where by himself. He was so afraid of the stairs. We actualy had to take him out back and sit with him while he did his business. every morning 5;30 or 6 am

    The morning of his horrible seizures I was sitting on the cooler we have out there so we can sit with him he came up to me as he did every morning to get his daily back scratching. Well that morning it was longer than usual and he came back around for another scratching. He then turned gave me a kiss and went on his way.

    Thats what my last memories are of him. Im very grateful for that. Because after we let him in I went back up stairs to lay down and an hour latter my wife was screaming for me to help him.

    I realy am very grateful for all the comments and the feeling that you all are here for my family and me. Ive said before I have no family other than me and my wife and kids so to have all of you makes it a lot easier.

    I may have not meet all of you but I feel I know most of you and I sure hope to one day meet you all. See this is why Pearl Jam cant go out on us. They bring the world togeather. It may sound Corney. But with out them I wouldn't of known you guys ;)

    Thank you all and lots of love back at you and your families. :D
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    Damn, sorry to hear Don. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family in this difficult time.
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  • So sorry to hear about Petey :( Thoughts and best wishes to you and your family
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  • NOOOOO I'VE BEEN QUIETLY LURKING THIS THREAD HOPING FOR THE BEST!!!! Sorry to hear the bad news, i know how you feel I just recently had to put my dog down after 12 years of good times still not used to it but it gets easier to deal with by the day..best of luck
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like Petey knew how much he was loved and valued by you and your family, even to his very last moments.
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    So sorry to hear about Petey -- I am glad you were able to be with him at the end, and you did everything you could for him.

    Thoughts and prayers and good vibes for you all -- Incredibly sorry to hear about your loss.
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    so sorry to hear that :( :cry:
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