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I've updated/saved my member stats with shows I've attended. How do you automatically post these same shows underneath a post you make ?

Thank you for your help. Have a great day.
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    You need to add them to your signature. Go to and then click on "Account" at the top left hand corner (do this from, not forums). Under the "Edit my Profile" section, click on "Edit Account Info." Scroll down a little bit and you will see the signature settings. Type in the shows you have been to and then click save at the bottom.
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    I think people just add that as a signature.

    In the main Pearl Jam account settings, there is a signature section. Type your shows in there and amaze all your friends and family. Or piss off a couple jerks on here who think putting the shows you attended in your signature is gauche. BFE. They're just jealouse.

    Dammit Better Dan. You truly are, the better Dan.
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    thank you
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