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Did nayone get this in the mail as well?



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    you don't use a computer I find that hard to believe ;)
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    Hubbie and I both got one, was about to shread it but if it's legit......gimmie some stan.
  • I wonder if this counts for Debit cards as well.. I've been using my MasterCard Check Card for years to buy stuff, and I'm only going to assume a lot of it was overseas purchases..
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    I got one as well...yay for 25 bucks, eh.
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    If I am reading it correctly, if you choose option #1, you just get $25 for filling it out. No estimates, no proof, no anything. Fill it out, send it in and you get $25. No reason not too, right? Anyone else read something different there?

    Thats the way I am playing it. Me and my wife will each get the $25 "quick" refund.

    Did you also happen to read the section that details what the lawyers will be "compensated"? Holy Shit Your Honor I wanna be a smart lawyer too!
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    Doesn't it require having done an "overseas purchase"?

    Canada wouldn't count.

    I understood it to be any purchase that required any currency conversion. I went to Canada during the time frame but have never been overseas.
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    Does this concern anyone other than Americans?
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