moving email messages from PC to mac

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i just got a macbook last week and am having trouble moving my old email messages that were stored on my PC.

i was using earthlink's program on the PC for checking my mail, and have a bunch of saved messages in it. i exported them as both CSV and DAT files, tried both into the Mail program on the mac but no dice.

i was able to get my address book (saved as CSV) transferred into my contacts on the mac. but i can't get the email messages over. i can't find a converter that allows mail to recognize them (i.e. mbox format). i looked on the apple discussion board and searched and others have had the same problems, but with no suggestions for help.

does anybody know of a converter that would make a DAT or mail CSV file able to be imported into mac mail? i saw something as well about uploading the old messages to the email server via IMAP, but i've no idea how that would work in terms of keeping stuff in the folders i have organized.

thanks in advance for any help anybody can provide! :)
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