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Best FM Transmitter??

DEEPDEEP Posts: 274
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Whats everyone's view on the best FM transmitter out there? I got one of those Transpods for Christmas but it was pretty staticy and i didn't really have room in my car to put it. I was just wondering if anyone had one that they were happy with? Thanks for the help!!
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  • normnorm I'm always home. I'm uncool.Posts: 31,149
    Is this for an iPod?

    The Griffin iTrip sucks.

    I now have the Kensington and it's pretty good. It doubles as a car charger.
  • DEEPDEEP Posts: 274
    ya its for an there alot of static with it and can you get it at best buy?
  • intodeepintodeep Posts: 7,215
    That is a tough question. I recently got a new care with an aux jack and god am i happy.

    I used to use the Monster cable (it doubles as a charger too) and it seemed to work as well as a fm transmitter can. I never tried another one but when i was buying it i did a lot of research on and other sites and it seemed to get strong reviews.
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  • jamestr1jamestr1 Posts: 185
    intodeep wrote:
    That is a tough question. I recently got a new care with an aux jack and god am i happy.
    That's the way to go, the FM transmitters and tape deck things suck. Spend some cash and get a new deck. I got a cheap Sony deck with an aux jack for $99.00 at Best Buy.
  • LizardjamLizardjam Posts: 1,121
    When I get a new car one of the prerequisites will be an aux in. There's no question. Until then, I love my Monster FM transmitters. I say multiple because The cables aren't as tough as I'd like. They break after about four months or so of use. But, they are static free and wonderful.
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