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Eddie's Ukulele

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Does anyone know what type of Ukulele Eddie uses? A Concert, Baritone, Soprano, etc. I'm gonna buy one and I figured why not get the same kind since I'm gonna be learning some of his songs.
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  • FahkaFahka Posts: 3,187
    im curious as well..... ive also been looking into buying one... so bump for us!
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  • vedderfan10vedderfan10 Posts: 2,497
    Someone on here told me it was a tenor uke....Mostly I think he uses custom made ukes....but you can get them pretty cheap. Mine was $35...but I might pick up another in Hawaii next week...not sure. I can't play the one I have due to complete musical ineptitude...and it never stays in tune...

    I also have a six-string uke called a Guitelele...That thing just makes me so mad! And I even managed to break a string...
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  • gndcd402gndcd402 Posts: 2,553
    whoa i was actually just going to ask this question! also, does anybody know where there is some uke tabs for pj??

    It's called a Tululele. See the picture on the right hand side of the above link.
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