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New York Giants Official Thread



  • igotid88igotid88 Posts: 21,663
    Giants fire Garrett 
    I miss igotid88
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 32,036
    igotid88 said:
    Giants fire Garrett 
    That'll solve it!
  • The JugglerThe Juggler Behind that bush over there.Posts: 41,125
    edited November 23 guys still want vengeance for us preventing you from winning the division last year, and what surely would've been years of dominance to follow?

    Relax. Only kidding. Looking forward to Sunday. 
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  • igotid88igotid88 Posts: 21,663
    Why couldn't the Eagles play like this when Eli was qb?
    I miss igotid88
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 25,812
    Great win today!
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
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