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    inmyrvm wrote:
    these people have every right to complain, sorry. no excuse for that at all. it's bad business, period. especially if you end up overdrafting because of it.

    absolutly 100% dead nuts on!!!! and on top of it, the silence!! very bad!

    cmon 10c, ive backed you for many years ( low number ) do what is right here, make a statement. fix the problem, and for all that is holy, get a new system in place i.e. server .
    Peace, Love.

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  • edvedder913edvedder913 Posts: 1,810
    this is not a black and white issue. just because someone gets upset does not make them ungrateful.

    10C is a business. we pay them $ to provide a service. if this happened once, fine. but when something becomes a persistent problem, it needs to be looked at and be fixed.

    not getting tix is one thing. but the website being down and server unavailable EVERY time something goes on sale is pathetic. so is getting charged 5x and not even getting tix.

    if this were my own personal business i would be ashamed and pissed that i had to go fix everyone's bank acocunts. it's a mess on both ends - the fans and the employees.

    if they are going to sell tickets on line they need to improve the process - just like any other business would. hire a consultant and solve the problem.

    mediocrity should never be accepted in life. and those who say everyone is ungrateful etc. are accepting mediocrity just b/c they think they love the band so much. i love the band, and i even got tickets yesterday but i am still reasonable enough to realize that this is a MAJOR problem that needs addressing not to mention a solution.

    it's not about being critical, it's about being honest and realizing that a problem exists.
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