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    Last time I saw him live, he played this. I almost couldn't believe he pulled off the part at 2:15 live. I say "almost" because it's him and there's nothing he can't do. Easily the best live vocalist I've ever seen. 
    not gonna lie, I thought this was a new song at first. Didn't know it was off of "Running With Scissors". Don't have that album.

    Oh that’s actually my favorite album of his. You’ve at least heard the Eddie Vedder song from that album I’d assume. But the whole album is great. 

    Yeah i heard the Eddie Vedder song (although i wasn't sure what album it was one). And I have heard the singles from the album like The Saga Begins, It's all about the Pentiums, Pretty fly for a rabbi and maybe one other song

    "Jerry Springer" probably my favorite best non-single parody of his....

    And the album's masterpiece (or his most ridiculous song depending on your point of view), "Albuquerque" ....

    I read a thing about "alburqurque" where they are bringing that one out this tour as a deep cut.  I wanted to try and get tix for the tour but f me they are all sold out.
    No he actually played that a lot, even before the “Self-indulgent” tour. That’s a bummer you couldn’t get tickets. I saw him last year and it was great. Still prefer the “traditional” Al tours. But the setlist for the self-indulgent tour is cool as hell for hardcore fans. 
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