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My Grammy Prediction



  • bicyclejoebicyclejoe USAPosts: 898
    They're not "supposed" to know of the winners until opening the envelope.

    I think he goes and gives a half apologetic half defiant speech.

    Unfortunately, Ed won't win. The award will go to "Once"
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  • pjfan31pjfan31 Posts: 7,328
    who knows wat will happen, he wont be in their good books, or gettin a xmas card from them
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  • ClariceClarice Posts: 256
    brandon10 wrote:
    Fuck the Grammys!! They are lame. Now an Oscar would be exciting! I think everyone who gets nominated performs their song live. So ya....fuck the Grammys.

    I love you, Brandon...I tried to say this, but someone said it´s important, because blá, blá, blá....I dont think so..Ed worked in the soundtrack, made a good job, traveled with Sean Penn for up and down, and you can find a lot of interviews about the movie -- everybody knows, he hates interview -- and the movie and cd are sucess. Is it not enough? grammy? it´s no serious..
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