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  • eddieceddiec Posts: 3,834
    Does anyone know if it's easy to get from Marlay Park to Dublin airport after a show? I'm thinking of flying back earlyish on the Sunday morning so wouldn't need a hotel. 

    If you take an Uber it would be fairly simple. Marlay is close to the M50 which runs straight to the airport. Probably 30-40 mins.

    If you plan on using public transportation it would be a lot more time consuming. Probably bus back to city centre and then bus to airport.

    There's a thread in Given to Fly called Dublin Crew. If you ask a question there, they would be able to give a better answer.
  • Muffin The MuleMuffin The Mule Amersham, Bucks Posts: 429
    Thank you!
    Brixton Academy 14/7/93, Wembley Arena 29/5/00, Wembley Arena 18/6/07, London O2 18/8/09, Hyde Park 25/6/10, Manchester 20/6/12, Arras 30/6/12, Werchter 5/7/14, Leeds 8/7/14, Milton Keynes 11/7/14, Mexico City 28/11/15, Toronto 10/5/16, Toronto 12/5/16,  Amsterdam 12/6/18, Amsterdam 13/6/18, London 18/6/18, Werchter 7/7/18, London 17/7/18, Werchter 30/6/22, London 8/7/22, London 9/7/22, Budapest 12/7/22, Prague 22/7/22, Amsterdam 24/7/22, Amsterdam 25/7/22, Dublin 22/6/24, Manchester 25/6/24, London 29/6/2024, Berlin 2/7/24, Berlin 3/7/24 
  • tomccfc87tomccfc87 Posts: 31
    Just added an extra non-PJ gig to my itinerary.

    A few hours before I fly from Heathrow for the Lisbon PJ show I'll be seeing Spanish Love Songs in London
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