A Doodle a Day til PJ Play Release in the UK

Hi folks, figured I'd post this here.

145 days ago I started a project - I draw one PJ related thing each day, and will continue doing so until the band plays Release at a show I attend. I'm not doing this expecting it to change setlists, I'm doing it to put out good vibes into the universe, and to show his band how much they mean and how much this song means to me. Shortly before the London O2 shows in 2018 a friend's father died. I had been living with my friend and his family for a few years, after life with my own family became too dangerous. I was pretty messed up, traumatised, and didn't really understand how families were supposed to work. I didn't understand when he died that I was grieving the man who had treated me like his own child, and who was the closest thing I had ever had to a dad. For obvious reasons, Release played a huge part in helping me understand what I was feeling. It would mean a lot to hear it live - even if I will probably cry haha. So anyway, have some art. Might make this a regular upload, who knows.


  • Day 172. Still doodling. Will continue to post sporadically here probably

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    Release was played at Philly 2016, #2, and it is worth the wait. I hope they play it for you. One day, one day, I'm going to be a doodler. 
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  • Passed day 200 five days back. Still going strong.
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