What was the best setlist of the 8 show mini-tour? Feel free to discuss why.

00 - Atlanta                                            10 - MSG I&II    
03 - Birmingham, Atlanta                       22 - L̶a̶s̶ ̶V̶e̶g̶a̶s̶, Camden, Nashville   
04 - Asheville, Kissimmee                     23 -  Ft Worth II                                                                                
08 - Tampa, Columbia      
09 - Atlanta I&II (EV)
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What was the best setlist of the 8 show mini-tour? Feel free to discuss why. 108 votes

St Paul I
xavier mcdanielriley540 2 votes
St Paul II
cincybearcatgregoryieldCopperTomWS131341jp150509DJ258127jh275312RiotZactColaresiJojoRiceRatherStarved 11 votes
Chicago I
darwinstheorysoapmademetalleranhedoniachuck nevittelvistheking44dwjmu84RS151862JB171380mariebighamjoewilson82jimjam1982 11 votes
Chicago II
Vedd Heddmcgruff10HailHailVitalogyvitomvwKiwi JammerhogsBrainofBGAAJ12904RP112579JG144602Tribe1948PJNBnutDirkMcGurklmckenney24Kwieneke 17 votes
Ft Worth I
Ten Backspaced Riot ActorsGreen Disease ReduxDC111483TH113769jushooksYAKIMATSUjohn.riedlzF Me In The BrainkahultmangjackxChydroadatho01 12 votes
Ft Worth II
ozzykillerVikkivaleRedmosquito91NitroCarryTheZeroThe Camaros HoodChadsStillAliveComeToTXFalling Downjb237Bentleyspopmatt3846danofunPJinILGlowGirlAbe FromanJE224127BF227138fl247556RoleModelsinBlood31 29 votes
Austin I
bootlegger10evilutionWL95853malphurs72lisalambjrfiggjshetz10400fairview 8 votes
Austin II
austinevolution10vedpunkGetRight13logan5iveTuckerKattGo AnimalLuckytwn1JK42901BSullyjagerweisGern BlanstenRobbie Ttwhite1221andrew68apkirklandpeterwhughesHurls15lionmike 18 votes


  • Chicago II
    Chicago 2, not just the setlist but the flow from Tremor Christ to the end was so damn good.
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  • jimjam1982jimjam1982 Texas Posts: 986
    Chicago I
    Chicago 1. 

    Ft Worth 1

    Austin 2

    Chicago 2 was ruined by too much 10. If your gonna play 8 out of 11 you need to just go 11/11 or its not a good set. Green Disease alone keeps this ahead of the others for me.

    The rest of the shows
  • Chicago II
    Chicago 1. 

    Ft Worth 1

    Austin 2

    Chicago 2 was ruined by too much 10. If your gonna play 8 out of 11 you need to just go 11/11 or its not a good set. Green Disease alone keeps this ahead of the others for me.

    The rest of the shows
    Green Disease was Chi 2
    46 Shows and Counting
  • drakeheuer14drakeheuer14 Posts: 4,334
    Ft Worth II
    Texas run was so fun. Ft Worth was just nuts how good it was for me. And night 2 hit everything I wanted out of this run personally. Can’t wait to revisit it. 

    I mean Long Road, HTI, Garden, Undone, Inside Job, Severed Hand… chills
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  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New Jersey Posts: 27,524
    Chicago II
    Based solely on setlists I'd say that Chi 2 and Ft. Worth 2 were the big winners.  I thought Austin 2 and MSP 1 were the worst sets out of the "tour." 
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  • JojoRiceJojoRice Kennesaw, GA Posts: 3,673
    St Paul II
    I went with MSP2 because the set featured at least 1 song from every studio album.  Loved the variety. 
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  • Gern BlanstenGern Blansten Your Mom's Posts: 17,538
    Austin II
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  • steven87steven87 Posts: 920
    Ft Worth II
    It was a close call between Chicago 2 and FTW 2 for me, but I ultimately went with FTW 2. It’s always hard comparing shows you haven’t been to (FTW) with shows you have (Chicago), but at least on paper, FTW had the best setlist. Can’t believe how many rarities they fit into that set. Long road, HTI, breakerfall, brain of J, red mosquito, garden, inside job, severed hand- what a setlist! And to top it all off the first performance of undone since 2010, and judging by the videos I’ve seen, they killed it! So jealous of all of those who were there to see it!
  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commets Posts: 29,984
    Ft Worth I
    Only going to Indy,obviously I got the dick on seeing any of them live.  🤪 

    To see a set with all of that old stuff?  Damm, that would be one that just had me on my heels the whole time.   FW1 gets my vote.

    Look forward to the boots and hearing the shows. 
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  • Abe FromanAbe Froman Posts: 4,934
    Ft Worth II
    The main set of this is absolute fire on paper. The first 12 songs is a helluva run. Although Austin N1 hands down got the best encore…

    Thats a fucking killer encore right there 
  • VikkivaleVikkivale Los Angeles, CA Posts: 219
    Ft Worth II
    FW2 is my pick. My 26th show and first time hearing Hard to Imagine, Breakerfall, Inside Job and Undone. Also got to hear two of my faves- Garden and Red Mosquito.  I start every day with Long Road (my alarm tone) and my fave song to start shows!   =)
  • BrainofBGABrainofBGA Australia Posts: 3,707
    edited September 21
    Chicago II
    Some killer sets this tour as already mentioned, however Chicago 2 wins for me as it has more of my favourite songs…Marker, Immortality, Green Disease, Present Tense, Smile, Deep…

    With a couple of bootleg codes I’ll probably go the Chicago I and II double. 

    Chicago I for me has Animal, In My Tree, Faithful, Quick Escape. Not many double ups across both nights. 

    Next in line would be Forth Worth II and I. 
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  • CP218430CP218430 Posts: 1,878
    I just looked up the sets and you they played 6-7 songs each night that no other city got. That's actually a crazier stat than any white whales getting out of the way. I have heard (Tremor Christ - 25 years ago), Surrender, Green Disease (20 years ago), Light Years, Come Back, God's Dice, Faithful, Marker, Comatose, Down, Deep...heard all of them except Street Fighting Man and none of them were played elsewhere and they were all surprises for people that haven't been fans as long but grew into the band's catalogue. I don't even love all those songs but I love that people do and they got to hear them. I saw two shows and only heard 4 songs I've never heard before and that's a record low but I loved the shows so much! So I can't call either Chicago the best, bceause it's all so preferencial. Each show is all unto itself any more than the band has ever done. 
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  • CarryTheZeroCarryTheZero Posts: 1,726
    edited September 21
    Ft Worth II
    So, I will say I’m a bit biased as Fort Worth N2 is the only show I was able to attend. When I look at these objectively, all are great sets! The guys did such a great job of mixing it up from show to show. These slow starts are allowing some nice gems to pop in every now and then. Also, so cool how they were dropping in at least 2-3 rarely played songs a night.

    However, I just love this setlist. While I’m eagerly awaiting the boot, I made my own playlist on Apple Music and love it! Loved the Long Road opener, have not heard that in so long! Ed sounded absolutely fantastic too! From Hard to Imagine all the way to Betterman was just absolutely amazing. Can’t believe they played Breakerfall and Brain of J! Undone?! It was amazing and had a nice little extended “building . . . building” at the end.

    I actually love Seven O’clock and it played well into Brain Damage/Inside Job (my favorite PJ song!).

    I love DOTC, but would have liked to have heard Super Blood or Quick Escape here (third time for DOTC), but honestly I’m quibbling!

    Great finish as well (not the best encore), but I loved getting RITFW into YLB with the lights on. 

    So pleased with this set. Especially, that main set, it just had me laughing every time a new song started. Like, really, they are playing this? Yes! (Didn’t even mention Red Mosquito and Why Go!)

    It’s possible playing so many hits on N1 opened this set up to be so unpredictable. Having seen a lot of those songs last year, I was ready for the unknown! Loved it.
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