Thank You Eddie and Mike For Your Kindness to My Son!!!

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My 14 year old son is a huge Pearl Jam Fan!  I took him to his first concert in Dallas on Friday night.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to the amazing fans and the band for making his experience so special.  My son Liam and my daughter Jane lost their mother to colon cancer in 2020. It was absolutely devastating for them to go through. Liam is such a great kid.  He is kind, smart, and so talented. Liam is also an incredible musician, he is an especially gifted pianist but also plays guitar, and Pearl Jam is his favorite band.  Playing and listening to music has been his escape, his solace, and his coping mechanism for dealing with such a tragic and painful experience at such a young age.  He has been waiting to see Pearl Jam for years. Again, I cannot possibly put into words what the experience on Friday night meant to him.  Two amazing, all around beautiful human beings from Australia, Nic and her daughter Amy, were so kind and so generous to Liam.  They had a discussion with a few individuals in the front row and decided that they would make room for Liam on the front and center rail.  During the show, Mike(his favorite guitar player) gave Liam a signed polaroid picture and Eddie (his favorite writer and singer) pointed at him and tossed him a tambourine.  It was surreal. Liam has since repeatedly told me, our family, his friends, that is was the best night of his entire life and I believe it truly was.  For bringing such happiness and light into my son's world, I can never possibly thank them enough!  I just want them to know that those little acts of kindness had a huge impact on my son.  I hope that we can pay that kindness forward in our own lives.  Thank you to the wonderful people in the Ten Club and the Pearl Jam community for being so kind to my son.  Thank you to the band for all you do! Love you all!!!


Photo by new friend and all around great guy Mike S

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    Amazing band, and an amazing community. Sorry for the loss you and your son/family have had to go through. It is incredible how many stories there are out there with people finding a sense of peace and healing through this band. May your son continue to heal through the process with this band's music and all future tours and shows. 

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    Super sweet. BAM. enjoy and what an experience to share. Best forever & ever.
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    Too cool! I'm having a bummer night (nothing serious), and this put a smile on my face Thanks for sharing.
  • Nic and Jason  from Australia?
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  • Awesome stuff.

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    Must be an amazing feeling as a dad to have your son tell you that you gave him the best night of his entire life after all you’ve been through. Awesome!!
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  • I love this!!! This was such an amazing show, and y'all deserved this incredible experience. Congrats, great job, Dad!
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