Superblood at FW #2 or either Austin show.

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I know there is a high probability of this getting played over the remaining 3 shows, but if/when you do please hold I place in your hearts for Salinger Banks Mitchell (Sal). Born 3/5/21 and passed 9/11/21. He fought like hell for six months but was meant for greater things than this mortal coil. 
Shortly after Sal passed we found ourselves at Dana Point for Obama Encore. We brought a little bit of Sal with us to find release in a beautiful place. Night one we scouted out a group of majestic, tall palm trees…you know the ones. Prepared for a nice easy ballad to kick off night two you launched into Superblood Wolfmoon. Happily my wife and I smiled at each other and ran to the tree. 

What you couldn’t have possibly known is for six months of working, caring for Sal and his twin brother and driving back and forth to the NICU every single day, Gigaton was the soundtrack of our lives. Superblood became an anthem in our home. We sang it to our boys along with Clairvoyants and many other PJ tunes, but Superblood would buoy our spirits…still does. 

So if Superblood finds its way onto your setlist over the next 3 shows, please think of Sal and know he is somewhere in the ether jamming right along with us. 
My wife and I will be the only ones sobbing during this absolute banger.

Thanks for your consideration. 

“I can hear you singing in the distance. I can see you when I close my eyes
Once you were somewhere and now you're everywhere. 
I'm feeling selfish and I want what's right.”
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    Great setlist last night! Circling back for Austin shows. 
  • Beautiful.  My Heart goes out to you. 

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    this song is meant to be called i got shit,itshould be called i got shit tickets-hartford 06 -
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    Thank you. 
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    Im with you, superblood is my favorite gigaton track. I was hoping they played it in Chicago.
    I hope you get your request and that Salinger - such a great name, btw - is rocking with you, always.
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    Thanks man! My wife’s favorite author. She liked that better than Vonnegut.  :)
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    Good morning from ATX. Looking forward to closing the tour out in style! 
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    Thanks to the band for 4 amazing shows!  Already looking forward to next time. 

    The universe is abundant! 
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