Need recommendation for interface works with Mac

And GarageBand any help appreciated I know I can go to guitar center and ask but I want opinions on best ones form any who would like to help thanks guys.


  • I use a Mackie VLZ for live mics. But I don’t use the new GB. I use a 2010 MB Pro for recording.
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    Thanks man I went with the Apollo and its Thunderbolt interface given the onboard processing - is it possible to share notes here on results?
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    I’m not much of a tech head, but you can have a listen to this song I recorded using:
    Macbook Pro 2011 GarageBand: Electric Guitar and Bass were plugged in using a a Mac friendly instrument cable running out of my Fender Princeton straight into the Mac and using GarageBand effects
    Mackie VLZ with XLRs to these mics:
    Ev Cobalt mics for the main guitar and drums 
    Shure SM78 for main guitar and drums
    Shure Vocal Mic for all vocals

    *Mixed and mastered using GarageBand controls. All me, no help.
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    Focusrite 2i2 or Solo depending on your budget and whether you need one or two inputs. 
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