Ten Club shipping issue (received wrong poster) no response from shipping dept

I ordered a poster from the shop (Landgraaf) a couple of weeks ago. However, I received the poster from one of the London Hyde Park shows (the one with the swan and telephone booth). I've tried emailing and calling the Ten Club shipping department multiple times. No reply to my emails and no one answers the phone. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with them to exchange this poster?


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    FR181798FR181798 Posts: 2,166
    Firstly these things happen and I am sure 10c will make this right. Of the few issues I've had I've never had an order problem that 10c hasn't manage to resolve.  How long have you been waiting on a reply to your email, more than 7 days?
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    Yes. It has been 10 days since I emailed.
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    I'm sure you'll get a reply at some point especially as you've posted here. I received some vinyl that was very warped and another order that had the wrong shipping charge.
    They sorted out both and can only compliment 10club, the service was perfect. No problems at all.

    The only thing is on the vinyl I had to send a photo of the record 'destroyed' before they would send another. (Used big pliers and a craft knife to cut into it). Trust no one as the saying goes lol.

    In the case of this poster it would be a shame to cut it up as it's not actually faulty and been one of the sort after ones, I got mine at Hyde Park and it is a great poster, so maybe someone here would buy it from you. (I'm sure some one is thinking that right now lol). I know it says not for resale on the poster listings but in this case perhaps an exception could be made with 10club approval and you could sell at cost. Then you just order another Landgraff

    I've worked in retail and mistakes do get made from time to time. We all only human. 

    I'm sure they'll reply at some point. I got the contact from help and FAQ's.
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    @Yamrider Yeah, I haven't offered the poster for sale yet because of standard 10c agreement that we not sell those. I figured they'd want me to send it back to them. I have thought about the option of selling it, but would rather "play by the rules".

    To be clear, I wasn't meaning for my post to sound like a complaint. I'm just asking if anyone knows how I can get in touch with them. Figured after 10 days, it was time to ask the collective.
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    Not  a bad one to get  by .mistake  i guess 
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    demetriosdemetrios Canada Posts: 88,785
    Not  a bad one to get  by .mistake  i guess 

    Not a bad one at all. Give 10club some time @bharkey . They will make things right.
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