Need to cancel my Ohana Fest Weekend trip - Friday and Saturday GA and hotel reservation

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If you are looking for last minute plans to get to Ohana Fest, I can help you out. 

I booked the Dana Point Inn for 3 nights, 09/30-10/03 and got my 09/30 an 10/01 GA wristbands.  The hotel is non-refundable but they will let me out if they rebook.  So I am offering the two nights admission at cost, $382.50, but only if you can take the hotel reservation.

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  • Hey man, I’m interested but how much is the hotel bill?
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    My rate is $368 per night.  I see they are higher currently.  So I don't know if it would go at my rate or the higher.  I will call to find out.  
  • That’s way too much money for me man. I hope you find someone. 
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    Which hote?
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    Dana Point marina Inn. 

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    Did you find out what the hotel would charge if you transfer the booking to a new person? Same price or more?
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    Not yet, left a message for the manager on Friday,  see what I can find out Monday. 
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    Finally spoke with the manager.  He would transfer my reservation so it would be my rate, I paid a total of $1226 for 09/30-10/03 at Dana Point Marina.  given the short amount of time, I will leave this open for the rest of today.  If anyone is interested, call me at 630-779-5494.  
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    Couldn't make this happen.  I'll be heading out to Dana Point Friday.  
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