*** Pearl Jam St. Louis, MO Fanviews 9/18/22 ***

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Pearl Jam
Enterprise Center
St. Louis, MO
North American Tour 2022
Set List

walk on music Cat Power-The Greatest at 9:04
Band Onstage 9:05
Band Offstage 11:07

01. Of The Girl
02. Footsteps
{Ed talks about the role St. Louis has played in music.  He notes young people in the audience and suggests that they learn to play the ukulele.  He mentions the one he has is made of rare and expensive wood but a twenty dollar uke will sound pretty much the same.  As he strums the instrument he says he is just waiting to hear something out of it.  After a moment he says he hates technical problems and smashes the ukulele.  His real ukulele is brought out and they play…}  
03. Sleeping By Myself
04. Retrograde
05. Last Exit
06. Life Wasted
07. Dissident
08. Who Ever Said/I Can’t Get No Satisfaction-(Jagger, Richards) 15 send tag
(Jeff and Stone together since 1984)
09. I Am Mine
10. Corduroy
{Ed hates to bring it up but Missouri has 3x the national average of overdoses.  He tells the audience that there is a group that people can reach out to called Red Project to educate themselves on being aware of signs of potential ODs.}
11. Glorified G
12. Once
13. Even Flow
14. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (played to back of venue)
{This one was a request.  We are thinking about you Debbie}
15. Sad
16. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
17. Go

Encore Break

18.  State Of Love And Trust
{While introducing Josh Klinghoffer Ed says Josh reminded him that State and Breath were released thirty years ago today}
19. Breath
20. Black
21. Alive
22. Yellow Ledbetter

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Thank you, John for the set list & notes.

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  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 2,545
    Best show of tour.  Thank you Pearl Jam. 
  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 2,545
    Retrograde and Breath stole the show. 
  • BentleyspopBentleyspop Craft Beer Brewery, ColoradoPosts: 9,835
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    An awesome show with a fantastic setlist and incredible crowd 

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  • wwsuicidewwsuicide Posts: 1,191
    cmalisze said:
    Retrograde and Breath stole the show. 
    Footsteps was pretty rad!
  • heartofadogheartofadog Portland, ORPosts: 346
    More info about Project RED, which Ed mentioned, can be found HERE
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  • I thought some of the show didn’t flow for some reason. The encore stole the show. Eddie had the most fun of anyone in the building. 
  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 2,545
    wwsuicide said:
    cmalisze said:
    Retrograde and Breath stole the show. 
    Footsteps was pretty rad!
    Sonically Retrograde was by far superb. Breath the best jam! Just my thoughts. 
  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 2,545
    Anyone at Hilton?
  • inhiding 1976inhiding 1976 NWIPosts: 564
    Just made my top 5.  The way Retrograde transitioned from sitting down to Standing up jamming its way out of the slow set, into Last Exit, and it was no holding back after that.  Hell yeah.

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  • dcp3ydcp3y Louisville KYPosts: 733
  • cmalisze said:
    Best show of tour.  Thank you Pearl Jam. 
    You’ve been to all of them?
  • ddeschlerddeschler Posts: 504
    All killer no filler.  Didn’t mind it was a short show, since the setlist seemed tailored to hardcore fans.  Thanks guys!  I’m sure they were tired after 3 shows in 3 days.  Didn’t show it. 
    I've seen quite a few Pearl Jam shows.
  • MUZIKMUZIK Posts: 614
    cmalisze said:
    Best show of tour.  Thank you Pearl Jam. 
    You’ve been to all of them?
    Just to St. Louis :lol:
    09.11.98, 08.24.00, 08.25.00, 04.30.03, 07.08.03, 07.08.03, 09.15.05, 09.16.05, 09.19.05, 09.30.05, 10.01.05, 05.12.06, 05.13.06, 05.25.06, 05.27.06, 05.28.06, 06.01.06, 06.03.06, 06.19.08, 06.20.08, 06.22.08, 06.24.08, 06.25.08, 06.27.08, 06.28.08, 06.30.08, 07.01.08, 08.05.08, 08.07.08, 10.27.09, 10.30.09, 10.31.09, 05.18.10, 05.20.10, 05.21.10, 10.15.13, 10.18.13, 10,19,13, 9.23.15, 9.26.15, 04.28.16, 04.29.16, 05.01.16, 05.02.16, 05.06.22, 05.07.22, 09.14.22
  • Merchandise was a s*show.  Hours in line to be sold out of all St Louis items and those same items going for many times sale price on eBay already.  You’d think 10 club fans could get a chance to get some of the local stuff.
  • shepshep HoustonPosts: 5,544
    Last show of the tour for me...

    I just wanted them to play for another 3 hours ...

    You only get one life.

    Be well everyone.
    Houston, Texas... Believe it or not, there are 7 million people here... must be a couple of fans who'd love to see you play.
  • SaravaSarava Naperville, ILPosts: 1,840
    Amazing night. I would rate this the top show of the 3 I’ve been to on this tour. San Diego and Nashville were the 2 others. Thank you Pearl Jam!
  • Just made my top 5.  The way Retrograde transitioned from sitting down to Standing up jamming its way out of the slow set, into Last Exit, and it was no holding back after that.  Hell yeah.
    The transition at the end of Retrograde was indeed scorching. I like the extended crescendo but everyone in the building was ready to go at that moment.
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  • CarryTheZeroCarryTheZero Posts: 810
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    So, my last show of the tour after going to Nashville. That show was killer. I loved it and the crowd killed it. Set list was a bit hits heavy, but it’s been 4 years from my last so it was awesome!

    I was hopeful tonight’s show would be great and it was amazing!! The run from Retrograde through Sad was absolute fire 🔥! So much energy. I was section 117 near Mike and the energy in the building was amazing!

    I got 3 songs I’ve never heard tonight (Of the Girl, Sleeping By Myself, and Retrograde)!

    Also, they played 5 album openers tonight? Pretty crazy.

    Starting with Of the Girl had me super psyched. Love that track! Was a good omen for the show! Footsteps sounded amazing, loved that I got Sleeping (so much better live). Retrograde was amazing live! The outro with Josh on drums was so great! At this point, the energy was huge and I was so pumped.

    Who Ever Said and Corduroy were amazing! Avocado is my favorite and Life Wasted was fantastic (Eddie didn’t flub the lyrics!). Such a treat.

    I Am Mine was a surprise and just loved so much of the night. Singles combo killed! Loved them coming back for YL!

    Really wanted to hear Quick Escape and Super Blood. I think the Kentucky show threw that off for me. Other than that, I can’t complain. It was amazing! 

    Nice pic summing up my feelings! The show was just a big hug!  Thanks PJ! Thanks 10C! Till next tour!

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  • Jason7192Jason7192 Southern IndianaPosts: 279
    Just posted this in the set list thread, but I'll post it here too. Really enjoyed the show tonight. It was the first show for my 14 yr old daughter, and she had a blast. She's claimed her spot as my +1 for any and all future shows. Loved the set list from start to finish, and the crowd energy was fantastic. Other than striking out on a poster, it was pretty much a perfect evening. Can't wait until we get a chance to see them again!

  • Daron OshayDaron Oshay Middletown, NJPosts: 2,436
    What is scratched in red on the set list next to the fixer? Is that “whole” as in swallowed whole or is that whale??
  • Force Of NatureForce Of Nature Hertfordshire, EnglandPosts: 759
    What is scratched in red on the set list next to the fixer? Is that “whole” as in swallowed whole or is that whale??
    I think it means tuning a whole step down, as in play the song lower for eddies voice
  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 6,368
    cmalisze said:
    Best show of tour.  Thank you Pearl Jam. 
    What shows have you went to this leg?
  • Get_RightGet_Right Posts: 11,583
    Of the girl, Footsteps, Last Exit, Life Wasted, Dissident, I am Mine, Glorified G, Sad.  Great mix of songs in the main set. 
  • 2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance TigerTown, USAPosts: 21,901
    So grateful! Band sounded amazing! 
  • Wow that’s a great set. Congrats to everyone who was there! 
  • Short set but for 3 days in a row Ed sounded fantastic as he has this entire leg. Crowd was better than I expected. Go three nights in a row?! Footsteps, Once, Sad, and Breath we’re the highlights for me. Great Breath and Black. Denver is my next and final stop.
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  • SaravaSarava Naperville, ILPosts: 1,840
    I thought the set list was amazing. It was light on greatest hits, but at the same time, they didn’t fill the gaps with rare songs that most people don’t know. Dissident, breath, state, footsteps. Just awesome! 
  • GlowGirlGlowGirl New York, NYPosts: 6,242
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    My last show of 6. Sad this tour is over for me. I had a great time in STL  The set list was amazing and I definitely should not have been worried about them playing 3 nights in a row. 

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  • pureocpureoc Posts: 2,379
    Fun show.  Last one was Wrigley in 2018 for me.  Missed that feeling so much.   During the chorus of Dissident the crowd was insanely loud.  Glorified G probably my fav of the evening.   Long drive home now.  Hoping next yr a little closer to home.  
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  • curlycurly Posts: 700
    I love the fact they did five tracks that were leadoff songs from their multi LP catalog… if they were thrown in brain of J and can’t keep… That would’ve blew my top off… Either way love the lead offs…
    this was my third night in a row starting in Nashville and I’ll be at the last two as well… naturally eat show takes on its own vibe… And everyone’s always going to have different perspectives… As the crowd in Nashville I felt started out the show way more excited and intense… And tonight in St. Louis The crowd finish strong!!! Footsteps, I am mine, I agree with the earlier post retrograde was amazing how they started it slow and sat down and finished in an all out jam… Also love the SOL right into breath… And was very worried when they turned all the lights on and played alive and then everyone put their instruments away  and ed introduced everyone in the band they did their big bow and I’ll be The first to admit I thought it was over for sure… But we were only at an hour and 50 minutes and I felt no way… Then when I seen Mike get his strat back on… I was so happy to get yellow Ledbetter as this was my 33rd PJ/Ed shows and I’ll take that ending over rocking in the free world any day… Even though I love it when they do them both!! Ps.. I have to mention all the extended PJ family worldwide… It’s definitely one of the biggest highlights of their shows… Even seeing all the people there by themselves… Because essentially we’re all family… and lastly would’ve absolutely loved to of gotten a shirt specific for that show… With the Ten Club and Company is going to have to get something new figure it out as there’s no way I’m waiting 4 hours in line to get a T-shirt or poster… Met a couple that waited five hours all they wanted was a poster and a sticker and by the time they got up there it was sold out and they bought nothing… What a sham!!!
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