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Hey All!

I figured with how few tickets are going to be up for grabs for the 9/11 MSG show, we could consolidate them into one thread for those hoping for miracles(including myself). Thoughts?

To this point, it's far and away the most difficult ticket I've ever attempted to lock down.

Feel free to ignore if this is not for you or people would rather just post individually rather than grouping them.

Let’s try to keep this to strictly the MSG show!

Thanks and good luck to all still looking! :prayer:

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  • WW187806WW187806 Long Island, NY Posts: 489
    Good idea bud
  • WW187806WW187806 Long Island, NY Posts: 489
    ISO 1 or 2 MSG for my wife and I. Thanks in advance if someone out there chooses us. Cpl modest teachers from LI. Love music. Been to Rock Hall twice, did road-trip to Chicago with two dogs! Peace
  • JJS71185JJS71185 Posts: 84
    ISO 1 or 2 MSG tickets. Thank you so much!
  • highteahightea Posts: 9
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    Please long time PJ fan - 1 or 2 . I could get a PJ yankee shirt I’ll throw that in for tickets 
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  • ISO 1 for me
  • Weston1283Weston1283 Fredericksburg, VA Posts: 4,608
    Looking to trade my Pair in 224 for a better single seat 
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  • ponner1usponner1us Posts: 736
    Would love to score 1 or 2, please and thank you. 
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  • tdawetdawe Posts: 1,988
    Looking to trade my Pair in 224 for a better single seat 
    Suit yourself, but 224 is where the party is gonna be at. 

    Good luck to everyone looking.
  • ssdr18ssdr18 Posts: 121
    I am also looking for one ticket to MSG.   And only one show and so hard to get.   Also worse the amount of money they are asking on stubhub.   4000 and up.  For side stage restricted view. 
  • ssdr18ssdr18 Posts: 121
    Did anyone hear from sirius about apollo show? 
  • pearljam92pearljam92 New Jersey Posts: 48
    Good idea. ISO 1 or 2.  Thanks!
  • ISO 1 MSG and if someone needs a  +1 for the Apollo I would love to be your concert buddy.
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  • Flying to nyc for work so coming in on the 11th to try and make MSG show with friend.  ISO of 2 tix if the stars align 
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  • saw9saw9 Posts: 16
    ISO of 1 or 2 for MSG as well
  • HarrycatHarrycat UK Posts: 57
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    ISO 1 ticket will be flying from Glasgow!
  • Hey everyone! I'm ISO 1 ticket for MSG, would prefer a seat thanks :) 
  • ISO of a ticket and would prefer a seat but just happy to be in the building. If someone finds a pair and needs a partner, let me know :) 
  • mward23mward23 Posts: 5
    ISO 2 since I'm going to be in town. "I believe in Miracles."
  • cgcvjmcgcvjm Posts: 3
    ISO 1 ticket. Just want to be in MSG. Live in NYC so happy to be a last minute guest.
  • xavier mcdanielxavier mcdaniel Somewhere in NYC Posts: 9,035
    ISO of one ticket for a longtime friend who doesn't come on the board.
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  • Father HubbardFather Hubbard Chicago Posts: 1,529
    Not cheap but at least to charity
  • Please help 
    Need two tickets for MSG 
    Will pay, buy beers , fold your Luandry!!
  • Long shot, but have we have 2 pairs of tickets in sec 227 (separate rows) and are looking for 3 together somewhere closer + cash difference to make it an even swap.   Anybody interested and want to get a friend in who doesn’t have a ticket?

    Sorry, our extra is not for sale, will be used if we can’t find this trade
  • I need two for MSG will do anything.  Due to job loss, don't have original tickets.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
  • Taking a chance by putting this out in the universe on the chance that someone sees this and wants to sell 2 for MSG. I've exhausted all options but am still faithful  :)  Have a great time to all of you who were able to get tickets! 
  • If you got picked for the TM MSG verified sale back in 2020 and got shutout please pm me as I might be able to help both of us out
  • Flying in from Indiana, iso 1 ticket to get in. Thanks for any consideration :)
  • ISO ONE miracle for MSG..flying 2400 miles from Edmonton, Canada...would be super sweet to find a ticket.
  • Hoping for 2 tickets, would settle for one. Anywhere in the building. Pretty please.
  • $1000 to sit behind the stage.  Insane.  MSG is a great venue for PJ but it’s not remotely worth that price.  I don’t understand how secondary ticket prices are triple what they were 8 years ago.
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