Any word of more US dates on current tour (2022)?

I figured (hoped) that more US dates would be announced at some point, since some places were not included in the original tour schedule.
Has there been any word from anyone in the PJ camp on whether more cities may/will be added to the current tour?
Any info would be greatly appreciated - thank you!
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  • Scot ConantScot Conant MichiganPosts: 47
    I'm curious, too. Heard all kinds of rumors about a Midwest swing (Chicago, Alpine, Indy, Detroit, Cleveland), but haven't seen anything lately.
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  • PinoyPJPinoyPJ Los Angeles, CAPosts: 95
    maybe hear something mid september for a november run...... 
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  • RatherStarvedRatherStarved Posts: 2,440
    At one time I thought they’d add dates.  Now I don’t think so.  For one thing it’s already August.  Figured they’d announce by July.  For another, the tour hasn’t gone that well. Covid cut short the May run, and laryngitis the July.  Chances are something will SNAFU some of the existing September shows.  And Ed even canceled Ohana Encore entirely.  I’m thinking they’ll pull the plug on 22 once they get through the September run, or part thereof, and we hear something about 23 in December.  
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  • drfoxdrfox Posts: 595
    Don’t think you will get any more shows this year. All the tour Merch has the US Leg 1, Europe and US Leg 2 dates already printed on them.
  • Weston1283Weston1283 Richmond, VAPosts: 3,888
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    There wont be anything else for 2022.  

    2023 will likely be AUS/NZ, South America, and some summer or fall USA dates (most likely East Coast / Midwest / Ballparks) if history repeats itself and if some of the online rumors come true
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  • PeterM66PeterM66 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I figured at this point, any additional US touring would happen next year.
    Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed...
    First PJ show: 12-11-91 Bronco Bowl, Dallas, Tx
  • treestrees Columbus OHIOPosts: 1,086
    I see then doing a tour like they did in 2008 east coast and hopefully  Pittsburgh  Columbus  Cleveland  Cincinnati ,Chicago, 

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