*** Pearl Jam Zurich, Switzerland Fanviews 6/23/22 ***

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Pearl Jam
Zürich, CH
European Tour 2022
Set List

Intro Music: Metamorphosis-Phillip Glass 8:48
Band Onstage: 8:50
Band Offstage: 10:59

01. Release
02. Even Flow
03. Corduroy
04. Immortality
05. Dance Of The Clairvoyants
06. Quick Escape
{Pearl Jam played here 22 years ago to the exact day.  Ed finds it easy to remember because the night before he met his wife.  He has the crowd say "hello"}
07. Daughter/WMA :53 seconds/Leash :36 seconds/Glorified G 35 seconds (Leash and Glorified G are just a couple of lines and not the music)
08. Given To Fly
09. Seven O’Clock
10. Do The Evolution
11. Animal {Ed stops the song and has the lights brought up.  He saw a woman punch a guy in the back of the head.  He says it’s because he is filming and you can’t see?  You should signaled me I was looking right at you.  Ed had the woman kicked out.  Violence isn’t a solution and we don’t hit people here. They pick the song back up at the chorus before the solo}
{Ed does a birthday dedication}
12. Present Tense
13. In Hiding
14. Jeremy
15. Why Go
16. Crazy Mary
17. Porch

Encore Break

18. Smile
19. Black
20. Alive

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Thank you, John for the set list & notes.



  • weremin23weremin23 Posts: 305
    This was one to forget… hope Imola is better. 
  • stmccartstmccart Posts: 14
    Beg to differ, but to each their own.  We shall see what other comments come in.  The place was jumping and the band felt it and Ed said it was one they “won’t forget.” 
  • saurighisaurighi Posts: 64
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                                ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ TONIGHT WAS SIMPLY AMAZING ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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  • elvistheking44elvistheking44 Posts: 3,985
    How is the bands chemistry on stage? Are the having fun or going through the motions?
  • swervedriverswervedriver Sheffield, UKPosts: 179
    weremin23 said:
    This was one to forget… hope Imola is better. 
    Where you there ?  If you were then we live in parallel universe. I really enjoyed it, Short yes, but it was a blast
  • stmccartstmccart Posts: 14
    How is the bands chemistry on stage? Are the having fun or going through the motions?
    Chemistry seems good.  They seem to be having a blast. I don’t know that they could play that hard and loud and be going through the motions.  Who knows what is going on with each of them individually, but the audience tonight was full on into it.  If they were mailing it in, that would not be the case.  
  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 17,239
    Glad that people who were there seem to have enjoyed it! 

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  • swervedriverswervedriver Sheffield, UKPosts: 179

    My 1st show in 4 years and 27th show. The set list was really good and great to see them live again .  I am old skool and was sad that they didn’t finish with indifference or yellow Led. They had time to do it but Ed decided not to and told the band during Alive that it was the last song. Present Tense into In Hiding was great.
  • How is the bands chemistry on stage? Are the having fun or going through the motions?
    I was thinking towards the end of the show that the guys seemed to really enjoy tonight (which I put down in part to being a smaller/closer crowd than the first 2 shows here in Europe, and the dedicated 10 Club area at the front) but having read some comments on the setlist thread I obviously came away from it with a very different.impression than some. I was about two thirds of the way back of the front GA '10Club' section and the crowd around me were really into it and the band seemed to respond. I didnt notice many sound/technical issues at all except one time an issue with Ed's mic - nothing like the issues in Oakland when Ed got pretty upset. 
    This was my 53rd show and although I don't rank them, I had a blast and wouldn't put it low down even though I do like the rarities and the long sets. I think Ed's voice has been really good this tour so far - he even went big on In Hiding which the last few times I saw it, he didn't, although he definitely got help from the crowd during Animal.
    The opening of Releaae into Even Flow was a real surprise and Corduroy really got the front GA area going. 
    From where I was, Mike's solos were crystal clear and he was on fire on Quick Escape, Black and Crazy Mary (Stone's too on Evolution).
    So good having Matt back - the end of Immortality with him is just brilliant.
    I thought the set was really great up to In Hiding and I still love what came after but guess a few different things to mix it up more would have beem good.
    I guess I knew they'd finish at 11, and with an expected 8.45 start knew we'd be in for no more than 2h15 but was surprised to see only 20 songs in the end - it didn't feel like that but then Porch, Crazy Mary,.Present Tense all have extended jams. I really enjoyed the show and felt the crowd around me was pretty into it apart from the Gigaton songs maybe. I'm loving Quick Eacape live and would like to hear more Gigatob stuff they've not played yet.
    Anyway, I had a great time. Can't say it enough - I'm just relishing every moment of it after the last 2 years and wondering at times if we'd ever get to do it again. Nothing beats it for me
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  • Peasant TentsPeasant Tents UKPosts: 781
    Really great show.   The crowd were into it.  
    The band all seemed to be having fun.  
    Some amazing song choices in my opinion.   
    Release   Immortality.  Present Tense.  In Hiding.  
    Crazy Mary.   
    Just missing Fatal really…. 😉. 
    Seriously though.  The place was rocking.  It was my friends first show - my 34th.  He said it was Astonishing.  Couldn’t believe the energy of the band and everyone in the venue.  
    It was the shortest show I’ve seen in a while but it was an absolute pleasure to be there.    
  • weremin23weremin23 Posts: 305
    weremin23 said:
    This was one to forget… hope Imola is better. 
    Where you there ?  If you were then we live in parallel universe. I really enjoyed it, Short yes, but it was a blast
    Yup, I certainly was. Glad you enjoyed it. Can’t say the same.
  • JPPJ84JPPJ84 Hamburg, Germany Posts: 3,325
    The show was amazing, loved it even more than Berlin being in front this time. Release, immortality, smile, present tense, ... ❤️
  • one_stoneone_stone Posts: 248
    Show 2 of this tour after Berlin for me and I really liked it. To me it felt longer than the Berlin show and if they had ended with Ledbetter or Indiff after Alive it would have felt pretty complete for me. I was suprised to see it was only 20 songs but it makes sense given they played a lot of songs that extend a lot in their live versions. Was about 7 people back in front of Mike, and didn't catch most of the technical difficulties others have described - probably because I was focused on watching Mike being Mike going wild and having fun. Setlist was great - for me it had enough variation to Berlin and many Highlights (Release, Present Tense, In Hiding, WMA Tag!) and at least where I was the crowd was super loud and enjoying the show!! What I found special was the unusually small Front-Of-Stage area (not the usual 1/3 of the floor money-grab) and that even that small area was not over-packed. Felt like a very safe place and super close to the band :)

    Now for a break / back to work until Budapest...
  • Is Josh with them on stage during the shows?
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  • 2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance TigerTown, USAPosts: 22,237
    weremin23 said:
    This was one to forget… hope Imola is better. 
    Were you the dude that got punched in the head?
  • JPPJ84JPPJ84 Hamburg, Germany Posts: 3,325
    Is Josh with them on stage during the shows?
  • 1ThoughtKnown1ThoughtKnown Posts: 5,722
    weremin23 said:
    This was one to forget… hope Imola is better. 
    Were you the dude that got punched in the head?
  • vedpunkvedpunk Posts: 677
    edited June 2022
    There were 13 different songs between Berlin and Zurich.  So more than half the Setlist was completely different between the two shows.  Let that sink in before y’all complain about the lack of variety.  The other songs are hits for a reason and kind of have to be played repeatedly since they are mostly playing to casual fans. The shorter Setlist definitely amplifies this though since there are fewer chances to play rarities and a more varied Setlist.  That’s a little more concerning but whatever keeps them going. 
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  • eloviateeloviate Posts: 57
    Energy up front from the crowd was especially high, and looking around at the back of the room and up on the sides seemed really good too. So much for the rumoured restrained Swiss audience. Loved the new songs, old ones will always bring me back. 
  • SpagsSpags Leigh-on-Sea, UKPosts: 2,869
    Was seated for this, level 1 on Mike side. Nobody was standing and we had an elderly couple in our section so had to rock out in my seat. Always weird being around ‘normals’ but thankfully was there with my wife so we sang along together. Felt like a nostalgic show, especially during Crazy Mary with Boom and Mike going at it and Ed getting out the shiny guitar (and all the classics they ripped through obviously). After such a long break I was very happy to be at a show where the boys came out and were like “this my friends is the good shit”. Really enjoyed all the instrument switching, Jeff especially. Crowd was relaxed but into it front to back, lapping up the classics. Loved hearing Seven O’Clock. That’s me done now until London, enjoy the rest of the tour you lot.
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  • Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 27,110
    edited June 2022
    Don't care about show lengths. But cutting all of 1/3 of the show, and not adding atleast Eddie ziplining out into the crowd to sing Love Gun? 

    Weird choices.

    And kind of steep change.
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  • colonel coolcolonel cool BernPosts: 32
    How is the bands chemistry on stage? Are the having fun or going through the motions?
    Works all fine. They seem to have fun and enjoyed the gigs. I had the impression that in berlin and zurich ed is telling the band what to do and when. Compared to other tours where stone and mainly jeff were more involved in the whole process.

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  • stmccartstmccart Posts: 14
    picture’s worth a thousand words…
  • Simon BaumannSimon Baumann SwitzerlandPosts: 22
    Loved to hear a lot of the classics on this one! Berlin was a pretty rough start to get inn after two years of almost no concerts.. ;) But yeah, the length... Its just different. But a really good experience after all! Enjoy Imola clubbers✌🏼

  • PapPap Aspra Spitia, GreecePosts: 26,846

    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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  • Mookie1976Mookie1976 Posts: 51
    They got the whole venue set on fire. I can’t understand how you could attend to a PJ show like this and complain. 
    The band was into it, Ed enjoyed the energy of the crowed and during the encore I turned around and literally the whole stadium was standing and rocking out. Sure, a few more songs would have been great, but come on, show some grace, we’re all not getting younger. And my legs were hurting too at the end. 😂
    I didn’t expect much from a Swiss show, and I got totally surprised. 
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  • SpagsSpags Leigh-on-Sea, UKPosts: 2,869

    Nature drunk and High
  • severinlseverinl Posts: 9

  • Gern BlanstenGern Blansten Your Mom'sPosts: 15,198
    great pics!
    Remember the Thomas Nine !! (10/02/2018)

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  • stardawgstardawg Posts: 34
    I'm really happy with the show last night. I loved the slow start with Release. Crazy Mary was epic! The crowd (I stood just behind the FOH area) was right there from the beginning and seemed to enjoy every second of the evening. The band seemed to notice that and the connection between the audience and the band was strong and positive. That's not a given for a Swiss show.
    What annoyed me were Dimitri's disrespectful comments about the show and the people. 'Dead crowd'? 'Ed talks shit in German'? I think that's not worthy of the band and their fans.
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