rbhvr440rbhvr440 Posts: 5
I am sure I am one of many but I am looking for two tickets for the Nashville show. Does anyone have two tickets for sale or know how I can possibly get ahold of some? I am new on here so not even sure if I am
going about it the right way. 


  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 14,654
    Welcome.  Good luck with the ticket search!   The Given To Fly section is the main part of the board that has the most ticket requests and trades.  There are a few general posts about releasing tickets (Fan to Fan) on The Porch but definitely keep an eye out and post in the Given to Fly section too.  
  • JeBurkhardtJeBurkhardt Posts: 2,739
    The Ticketmaster site is the only way to find tickets unless someone here has a couple of extra and are wiling to walk in with you. You can't buy them directly from someone and then transfer them, like you can some artist's tickets. Occasionally there are tickets that show up on the Ticketmaster site that are "fan to fan", which are tickets that have been bought and then are being sold for face value. When they do show up, they are bought pretty quickly, so check often. Please be careful with people, especially on Facebook, who say they have tickets available and offer to sell them to you. There were a number of people scammed on the PJ West coast shows by people offering to sell them tickets.   
  • rbhvr440rbhvr440 Posts: 5
    Thank you for the information. It just isn’t like it used to be anymore is it. 
  • CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 7,335
    as the date gets closer, there should be some drops
  • rbhvr440rbhvr440 Posts: 5
    That’s what I am hoping. Playing the wiring game now !
  • Just released my 2 tickets for Nashville through Ticketmaster, if you're still looking.
  • DEGBTIDEGBTI san diegoPosts: 664
    Just released my 2 tickets for Nashville through Ticketmaster, if you're still looking.
    just got them, thank you. now I will sell mine that were not as good. Thanks again!
  • rbhvr440rbhvr440 Posts: 5
    Sorry I missed this. I will take tickets just about anywhere in the building. 
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