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Ukulele Songs Repress Coming 4/15??

DC29940DC29940 Tucson, AZPosts: 463
Looks like several Dutch sites are now taking preorders for what seems to be a repress of Ukulele Songs. The online stores are legit enough that it leads me to believe they aren't bootsWonder if/when we'll get an official word on this?

Kansas City 7.03.98
St. Louis 10.11.00
Kansas City 10.12.00
St. Louis 4.22.03
Kansas City 6.12.03
St. Louis 10.5.04
Kansas City 5.3.10
Phoenix (EV) 11.4.12
Phoenix 11.19.13
Wrigley 1 8.20.16
Seattle 1 8.8.18
Phoenix 4.11.20


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