Jeff Ament - "I Should Be Outside"

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Jeff Ament - "I Should Be Outside"
News August 10 2021

Today Jeff Ament released his fourth solo album titled, I Should Be Outside. 

This project came about as a result of the isolation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic:"At the front of the pandemic, my days were centered around the pathway between my art table and the studio," explains Ament. "It only made sense to combine the two with this group of songs, all the while wishing I was outside with my friends or playing in some far away land with my bandmates, anywhere not inside my house. Most of the songs and all of the paintings started with an early morning sketch, a group
of words, or a piano or guitar riff, with the idea that I would largely finish one and/or the other every day."

The 12-track album is available on vinyl format and digital download, along with streaming on your music service provider of choice. 

Be sure to also check out the music video for the single, "I Hear Ya".



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