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Live recording at home question for you pros!

So, my Macbook Pro died last summer, which was my main device for home recording. My set up would be using a Mackie pro mixer with live mics, running into my Macbook. My DAW has always been Garageband. Now without a portable device to track drums, guitars live, I need a portable device that:

1) I can track drums and guitars and that has some EQ settings. I would also be open to having this device connect to my Mackie (that has like 6 XLR inputs). I must be able to track using headphones.

2) I would like the ability to record a guitar track, etc., and have that playback as I track drums, bass, vocals, other instruments.

3) Ability to dump those recorded tracks into Garageband on my not so portable iMac for mixing, etc., etc., etc.,

My budget is around $250.


  • 2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance Posts: 18,890
    Bought a 2011 MB Pro 17 inch with brand new Apple installed logic board. Looking forward to creating again!
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