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Ted Lasso

Any other fans here? This first season greatly surpassed all of my expectations. The comedy and the personal issues the characters face blends together very well. 
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  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 25,293
    Would like to see it but I hate Apple with the passion of a burning sun. They are not getting my money.   
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,424
    loved it
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  • 23scidoo23scidoo Thessaloniki,GreecePosts: 15,725
    S2 is coming!!
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  • Indifference71Indifference71 ChicagoPosts: 13,933
    Wasn't expecting much when I started it but that was fantastic.  Great mix of comedy and real life stuff.  Can't wait for season 2.
  • Jumb0Jumb0 Posts: 319
    Way late on this but binged S1 this weekend. Fantastic show. 
  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 35,550
    edited September 14
    So past few days i heard been kinda wanting to see this since it got nominated for like 20 emmy's. Saw it was on apple tv + which i don't have. The first two episodes are free to stream so I watched them, I liked it. Would like to continue watching it but i'm not paying apple tv any money. I already have netflix, amazon prime, youtube tv, and peacock (mainly for the wwe network though.). Would prefer disney plus over apple tv if i were to get another streaming service. Maybe i'll try and dl/stream somewhere else.
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 34,109
    Great show
  • Jumb0Jumb0 Posts: 319
    It's the best show around and worth the price of Apple TV+
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 31,708
    Love/loved this show, but it just took a turn. Without spoilers, my wife absolutely loves this show but what Ted told the shrink at the end of the last episode is very similar to her life, she was slightly younger though not by much. soooooo we’re gonna have a very different relationship with this show moving forward and I don’t know what to think 
  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 25,293
    edited September 17
    I'd love to see it but would rather do lots of things before I pay apple for their TV options.

    At some point I'll get a free segment and watch what I want and then drop it.  

    Obviously not an Apple fan but this does look good and lots of folks (like you all) are vouching for it.

    Ha.  Just scrolled up and see I posted something similar in December.  
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    The love he receives is the love that is saved
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