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Hi. Can someone let me know where I find a code for the Philadelphia live stream coming up? I read mention of a newsletter but I haven't received any correspondence regarding this event?? Any help appreciated. Thank you


  • The code was a $5 off code in your newsletter.  It's #2 on the How to redeem your Ten Club code.
    2.  Enter your code xxxxxxxxxx to add the $9.99 webcast to your shopping cart.
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    If you didn't receive it in the October 10th 10club newsletter contact [email protected] for the code. 
  • I am trying to purchase the cast as well.  Mine just says below.  No code.  
    2.  Enter your code to add the $9.99 webcast to your shopping cart.
  • same no code...analog member
  • ML261728ML261728 Posts: 2
    Same says:
    "Enter your code to add the $9.99 webcast to your shopping cart" .....So where's the code??????
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    Look for the bit about voting. 
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