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What's the chances of a London date being announced 2021

dannydanny Posts: 2,163
Hope so Wembley arena can't wait for 2021 
danny d


  • Lost In OhioLost In Ohio Posts: 5,561
    It's just my random guess, but if BST were to announce things, they'd do so when the time is right for them.
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  • nando1979nando1979 Castlerock (Northern Ireland)Posts: 82
    BST will either be 9th or 10th July, it'll be announced when BST are doing their first announcement I guess
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  • RatherStarvedRatherStarved Posts: 1,223
    If they were planning to do BST I really doubt the status of their 2020 BST would be cancelled and not postponed.  I would not be surprised to see one or more UK dates added in the empty week but not as part of BST.  
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