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    1) Does anyone hear any part of this performance that doesn't sound exactly like the recorded song? I have watched it several times but still can't hear any differences, which is weird because I expect a live performance to deviate somewhat from original If you did, can you tell me what/when so I can go back and listen?
    2) I assume that when Ed misses singing a few words but you can hear them being sung it's because he's using one of those multi track playback pieces of equipment whose name I never can remember...Can someone please tell me the name of it so I can memorize it and sound cooler than I am the next time I have an opportunity to use it in a conversation?
    I’m with you. I say it not as a hater, but I’ve listened to the tune SO many times before this and I struggle to hear any differences from the studio except at the end with the amount of vocals.  Live versions always sound different and I couldn’t even imagine what a live zoom version would sound like. I think they were lip syncing personally. Still an awesome effort. 
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    Song still hits me when I hear it

    My non rock enthusiast friends really like it too
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