Time for a Webcast UPDATE: Kokua!!!Today!



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    Pete Yorn just did an Instagram Live set, with more promised in the next few weeks.  
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    I beg, lol. Seriously, could there not be a better time to do this?  They already went through rehearsals for the tour, tour postponed, new album dropping, ground zero for germ, everyone at home with nothing to watch.  I just feel like it would be one hell of an emotional performance. I totally get it if they are concerned about infecting each other/crew mates, etc but I believe that can be completely mitigated.

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    An acoustic set on an iphone would work as well
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    I need an acoustic Retrograde
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    He’s the best. Met mike once. Talked for about 15 minutes. Rad dude
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    ACL is holding a Webcast festival featuring Brian Fallon, Lisa Loeb, Hanson, Spoon, Shaky Graves, etc.  tonight at 8pm. 
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    It would be really cool if it happened, but how would they all get together if everywhere is on lockdown? Maybe individual ‘shows’ or videos from each of the guys instead?
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    Id be totally happy with an Eddie solo performance from his garage....
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    Live chat....hope one of them has an acoustic guitar. 
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    I Heart Living Room festival is tonight on FOX

    Elton John, Billie Eilish, Green Day’s Billy, Tim McGraw , etc

    the industry loves this idea........i just want a solo Ed set on Instagram
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    I vote full band 
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    Where is this? Livestreams are getting bigger by the week.. I'd even take a simple "hits" setlist with Ed and Stone: 

    1. Do The Evolution 
    2. Once
    3. Even Flow
    4. Low Light
    5. Alone
    6. Crazy Mary 
    7. Yellow Ledbetter 
    8. Corduroy
    9. Alive
    10. Better man 
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    Thanks for listening to me, Ed!  :rofl:
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    Its going to be a one song thing isnt it? 
  • CantKeepmedownCantKeepmedown Portland, MainePosts: 2,541
    Its going to be a one song thing isnt it? 
    I would say yes. The question is, will be a new one?  
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    If a new song, River Cross would make the most sense. Nothing can replicate the impact of Long Road after 9/11, but River Cross has a good ending message. It could be beautiful.
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    Yes!  Thank you Ed
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    I’m guessing one song, maybe another with a guest similar to when Ed and Chris Martin played before
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    Billie Ellish’s team doing everything in their power to make her name as relevant as possible
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    Billie Ellish’s team doing everything in their power to make her name as relevant as possible
    I don’t think they need to at this point.  She’s everywhere.  Her and Finneas are tearing it up. 
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    Billie Ellish’s team doing everything in their power to make her name as relevant as possible
    As they should
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    Good to hear. Thanks for the post, guys. I am going through some serious withdrawal!
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    Yeah I would think she is the biggest draw at this point in time on that list
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