LA Roll Call 2020



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    SpartanacusSpartanacus Oviedo, FL Posts: 827
    cutz said:
    Re-reading this thread I see that people were staying at a lot of different places.

    I was looking for a Hotel that is within walking distance, and I Booked one,  but I just find out they don't have parking (I didn't read the fine print). Gonna cancel . 

    Back to hunting for a place to stay. 

    I think I got a pretty good deal at the Hyatt Regency by LAX.  Not walking distance, but a relatively short easy drive.  I may even offer up my free 'uber' services if I meet some cool people at the hotel (will be going both nights, taking a daughter to each one for their first PJ show).
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    JojoRiceJojoRice Kennesaw, GA Posts: 4,101
    Booked at the Hilton by LAX. Bring on the shows! 
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    iamloco724iamloco724 Brooklyn NY Posts: 1,441
    Looking for opinions.. If you could have section 105 or section 122 which is labeled behind the stage but more side behind then totally behind.. Which would you choose? 
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    LizardLizard So Cal Posts: 12,086
    CROJAM95 said:
    I’m also on the floor both nights

    LA has become a 2nd home for me, my lady is from there….feel right at home
    Got floor both nights as well.

    Night 1 - Sec. D, Row 4
    Night 2 - Sec. B, Row 6 

    Can't wait!!!
    So I'll just lie down and wait for the dream
    Where I'm not ugly and you're lookin' at me
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