New Pearl Jam Album Gigaton Available March 27



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    The most interesting part of Cohens review to me was the mention that Retrograde dates back to a 2017 recording session.  We know that they had another recording session in February 2018 that produced Cant Deny Me.  The following month they released Cant Deny Me with a note saying it was from their forthcoming album.  This makes me believe that they did in fact have an album completed but was later scrapped.  Seems all the other songs on Gigaton were recorded in 2019 and only Retrograde made the cut from the previous sessions.  So assuming Retrograde and Cant Deny Me would have been on that 2018 album it's safe to assume there are probably at least another 8-10 songs that they recorded for said album.  Hopefully in upcoming interviews somebody asks the guys if this is what happened.
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    Exciting times in the world...Exciting times!
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    Two months :triumph:
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    I like Pearl Jam.  I'll have to check this out. 
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    Do folks know if a digital copy will be available with the vinyl copy of Gigaton?
    Jim Sdoia
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    Retrograde dates back to a 2017 recording session...Seems all the other songs on Gigaton were recorded in 2019 
    Ed played River Cross at Ohana in 2017.
    I've seen quite a few Pearl Jam shows.
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    Vs said:
    maybe a 45 minutes album
    Runtime is 57 minutes which makes it the longest PJ album to date

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    When is the next song being released? I think I saw Feb 21 somewhere but not sure.
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    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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    Hey PJ folks! As soon as we listened to the snipped from "SUPERBLOOD WOLFMOON" me and my band Black Market Aftermath decided to write our own full version (and prediction) of the song:

    We bet the Pearl Jam song will sound something like it!  

    What do you think? We hope you'll enjoy it! :)

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