Talk Box!

Anyone have one? Which one? How are you using it?
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,166
    Just got done setting up the Electro-Harmonix Golden Throat. It's old so it requires a separate vocal amp/PA.

    Running through my Super Champ it absolutely nails Tool and Frampton. I have been using my SWR California Blonde for the vocal amp.

    This is going to be a creative endeavor exploring all the possibilities of this device. 
    If hope can grow from dirt like me, it can be done. - EV
  • gimmesometruth27gimmesometruth27 St. Fuckin LouisPosts: 16,673
    glad you found one.

    last year i was involved in a project and the guys wanted me to get one. they kept sending me links to used talk boxes. i was like "that's just gross", lol.

    there was a guy in the local music scene around here that used to use one. i think he used it on sweet emotion and one frampton song. it sounded pretty good. unfortunately i never got a chance to ask him about it because he passed away suddenly a few months ago.

    good luck and maybe post some recordings if you can get around to it. would be interested to hear what it can do.
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