PJ Scotland are raising money for Diabetes UK

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Throughout the year Pearl Jam Scotland (with the help from friends from all over the world) have had several events with the aim to raise at least £10,000 for Diabetes UK. 
There have been raffles, concerts and the sale of the Pearl Jam Scotland unicorn tshirts. 
This picture was taken on the 23rd November in Glasgow after a fundraiser in the afternoon and the gig of a PJ tribute band in the evening. PJ fans from all over the UK, continental Europe and the US joined us for an unforgettable weekend of shenanigans, banter, music and fundraising. 
And we're super proud to announce that we've cracked the 10k. 
Thank you to everyone who attended, donated, bought tshirts or just cheered from the sidelines. 
There are still unicorn tshirts for sale. £10 of each shirt goes to Diabetes UK. 

Keep an eye out for unicorns at the upcoming Euro tour :-) 


  • GloriousGlorious Posts: 26
    Well done guys! Im in Edinburgh but didn't know about this - I'll get a shirt ordered!
  • Miss.SnowdropMiss.Snowdrop ScotlandPosts: 183
    @Glorious it's mostly happening through Facebook.
    Are you going to any of the Euro shows? You'd definitly run into a few unicorns ;-)
  • well done guys, +1 from Edinburgh here. Will keep an eye out for the unicorns in Krakow Budapest and Zurich!
  • Miss.SnowdropMiss.Snowdrop ScotlandPosts: 183
    @steveddievedder there will definitly be a bunch of us in London and Krakow.
    And keep an eye out, we're organising a wee festival next summer, also to raise money for Diabetes UK as well.
    If any of you are on Faceboook, Pearl Jam Scotland has a page :-)

  • Thanks @Miss.Snowdrop I’ll go check it out now.
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