Setlist your pics



  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 5,309
    Like that paper w the name on it.

    Great job!!

    I've been to two shows a while ago when the band member kept their sl. I guess no copy machine on the road. One dude was new, do he prob had to practice/study it.
    I wonder if no pj setlists popping up b/c someone from crew selling them after the tour with picks.
  • lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 9,733
    Im sure that's happening 
    brixton 93
    astoria 06
    albany 06
    hartford 06
    reading 06
    barcelona 06
    paris 06
    wembley 07
    dusseldorf 07
    nijmegen 07

    this song is meant to be called i got shit,itshould be called i got shit tickets-hartford 06 -
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 5,309
    I think for charity. My friend garbage picked a couple setlists back in 2014 from Denver. Trash full of guitar strings someone else grabbed while saying "I've reached a new low." Wish I grabbed a string or 2 now. Looking back I wish I grabbed the whole bag! Puke and wherever else was in there. Fun anyway!
  • JH6056JH6056 Posts: 2,364
    Wow was a crew member really selling setlists & guitar picks? That is low...
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 5,309
    ^^Not in a bad way. I think it's organized and to raise money for good stuff'. idk.
    Still kinda a bummer for those looking for a stage score.
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