Should PJ Go Back To Having an Opening Band

Looks like 2020 should be a tour year. (Fingers crossed and toes to be safe) 

Do you think PJ should go back to having an opening band for shows or keep it “An Evening with Pearl Jam”? 

I for one enjoyed an opening band because PJ usually brought out amazing bands (Ben Harper, Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, My Morning Jacket etc) and really got you warmed up for the show. 

My semi realistic wishlist for 2020 opening bands would be

The Deftones
Fiona Apple
Ben Harper
Jason Isbell
Brandi Carlie
Sturgill Simpson 

all would be amazing and the possible collaborations would be awesome. 
Peace,Love and Pearl Jam.


  • Vedd HeddVedd Hedd Posts: 3,620
    I'm in if Mudhoney opens. Or Sonic Youth. Or Thunderpussy. 
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  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 14,724
    I'm never going to vote against three hour shows and no opening act. Not with the limited number of shows they play.

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  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 6,328
    I vote yes and would love to see:

    Brandi Carlile
    Strand of Oaks 
    Dinosaur Jr
    Michael Kiwanuka
    Sturgill Simpson
    The Highwomen
    Hiss Golden Messenger 
  • pearljammr78pearljammr78 Posts: 1,471
    edited August 2019
    The Highwomen are awesome. Their cover of the Chain on Howard Stern was unreal. Can’t wait for the album. Going to check Apple Music right now to see if it is out. (Edit. It’s not☹️)

    Im down for three hour shows with an opening band but if it’s between both I always choose more PJ. 
    Peace,Love and Pearl Jam.
  • drakeheuer14drakeheuer14 Posts: 3,155
    NO - opening bands just delay the magic. 
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  • pjl44pjl44 Posts: 6,328
    I'll always take sets from 2 bands I like over 1. Pearl Jam has a tremendous track record with openers, so I'm all about rolling the dice. Also have really enjoyed the collaborations that has led to.
  • D-RodD-Rod Posts: 953
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  • JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWestPosts: 14,724
    I think my hearing was permanently damaged listening to Mudhoney in 2011. No thank you. 

    "...I changed by not changing at all..."
  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 4,022
    NO - opening bands just delay the magic. 

  • rummyrummy Ontario, CanadaPosts: 4,155
    NO - opening bands just delay the magic. 
  • Merkin BallerMerkin Baller Posts: 4,160
    JimmyV said:
    I'm never going to vote against three hour shows and no opening act. Not with the limited number of shows they play.


  • SomethingCreativeSomethingCreative Kazoo, MIPosts: 3,204
    I’ve discovered a lot of bands through Pearl Jam over the years.  So I’m for openers as long as it’s not Mudhoney EVERY SINGLE TIME. 
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  • on2legson2legs The Jersey ShorePosts: 10,038
    Yes if the opening band is The Gaslight Anthem.  No if it’s anyone else.  
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  • Kearn5yKearn5y IrelandPosts: 1,814
  • jefftjefft Posts: 364
    JimmyV said:
    I think my hearing was permanently damaged listening to Mudhoney in 2011. No thank you. 
  • AO288807AO288807 Posts: 40
    Hell no
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 13,194
    I am for it if they pick bands I like or bands that I will like.  
  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 4,813
    edited August 2019
    If it means shorter shows, no.

    Otherwise yes. Ideally it would be up and coming bands that could push the envelope showing the PJ fanbase that theres something besides 90's inspired rock or their friends that are also in their legacy phase (The X's, Social Distortions, Mudhoneys).

    Like King Gizzard, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Japanese Breakfast, Big Thief, DIIV  
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  • wndowpaynewndowpayne Posts: 1,254
    I wouldn't mind if the show started at 7....and the opening set was no more than 45 minutes..
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  • F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commetsPosts: 20,522
    Prefer them to play longer and no opener.
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  • willbarclaywillbarclay Ottawa, Canada Posts: 3,255
    I’ve been spoiled with many of my recent shows being “an evening with” 
    Trey Anastasia, Phish, CRB
    and can honestly say I really do not miss having to sit through an opening act. 
    Bring on the main course I say 
  • jnikojniko Posts: 272
    Only if it's a major band that I like
  • rummyrummy Ontario, CanadaPosts: 4,155
    edited August 2019
    Nah. I'm old and bitter (not really) and have no interest. Admittedly, I rarely watch the opening acts whenever there are ones these days. 
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 23,687
    Hell no
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • ZodZod Posts: 7,118
    I'm not sure if people remember but at the end of the 2013 tour they did both.  Mudhoney opened those shows and they still played sets damn near 3.5 hours. 

    Personally I'm generally kind of meh about opening bands.   If the choice was opening band or an extra hour of PJ.   I'm always going to choose the extra hour of PJ.

    If the band is struggling with continuing 3 hour sets, and brings it back to 2 to 2.5 hours, and uses an opening band to fill the space.  I completely understand that.

    Basically, I hope they don't do it until they have to.
  • RunIntoTheRainRunIntoTheRain TexasPosts: 804
  • BF89905BF89905 Posts: 1,131
    Although I've never seen Isbell here live/ in Toronto, I think he's beyond opener status. But if he opened for Pearl Jam that'd be awesome.
  • pearljammr78pearljammr78 Posts: 1,471
    Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real would be awesome openers too. 
    Peace,Love and Pearl Jam.
  • pjhawkspjhawks Posts: 10,460
    No and If there is I’ll still be in parking lot or bar during the set
  • BH87446BH87446 Posts: 96
    Yes, as long as it’s Bad Religion! 😊
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