For Sale: Large Yield Sign Promo Sticker

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for sale is a large yield promo sign vinyl sticker.  It is 23.5 in long on each side.  The condition isn’t perfect as there are creases from the way it was originally mailed and then stored.  There are no tears.  I haven’t seen too many of these.  Asking $50 shipped. 

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  • BB162610BB162610 Upstate NYPosts: 347
    I have one without the creases. These are a really thick, heavy sticker. 

  • The best $10 I’ve ever spent!
  • RoleModelsinBlood31RoleModelsinBlood31 Austin TXPosts: 4,578
    I have one I stuck on a big piece of plexiglass back in 98 and I added a wire to hang it. hangs on a nail in my garage.
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  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 18,607
    Where did you guys get these? Ten club?
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    They were Epic/Sony promo items. I got mine on eBay.
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  • RoleModelsinBlood31RoleModelsinBlood31 Austin TXPosts: 4,578
    I got mine from a record shop when yield came out, they were pretty common at the time 
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  • I have one of these hanging in my garage!  A local bar/restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA was having a Yield release party.  These stickers/placemats were at every table.  
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  • I scored one of these at a record store in 2005 I think. The owner liked me and pulled it out from the back storage.  It is pretty cool and haven't seen any other pictures of one until this thread.  Is it the biggest sticker?
  • RoleModelsinBlood31RoleModelsinBlood31 Austin TXPosts: 4,578
    It’s like a super thick textured vinyl if I remember right.  They were handing them out to almost everyone when I got mine.  All my friends had multiple, we were sticking them over actual Yield road signs around town, it was pretty fun.
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  • pbultimatepbultimate Posts: 250
    I’ve got one. Feel like I just walked in to the OSU record store after the week of Yield died down and asked for it. Great idea on the plexiglass. Mines not hung up...yet.  
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