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    I recently watched a short documentary called "The Fourth World" about people around the world that live in absolute squalor. It was very sad to watch. 
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    Gonna take a week trial period to watch the Soundgarden concert. 

    Any other things one should take the time to watch? The Boys?
    Not sure what you like, but these are some of my favourite series on amazon.

    The Expanse:  seasons 1-3, (season four drops in Amazon in December).  Some of the smartest science fiction I have ever watched.  I’ve put the book series on my Christmas list.

    The Marvelous Mrs Maisel


    Good Omens

    American Gods

    Just started Jack Ryan and enjoying it.  Started the Man in the High Castle, but life got busy.  Hoping to get back to it.

    I hope you find something you like.

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  • Indifference71Indifference71 ChicagoPosts: 13,318
    The Boys was sweet.  About 10 parts that were over the top/classic.

    Also, caught up to current season of Luther.  Not paying for it so will look to watch once it is on Prime for free.
    Watched the first 2 episodes of The Boys last night and loved it.  Not a comic book guy so didn't know anything about it....some funny shit.

    Luther is on my list too...have always heard good things about that one.
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    Wow, late to the show but Goliath is awesome. I think season 3 starts soon also. Just about done season 1
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  • pjsteelerfanpjsteelerfan MarylandPosts: 9,561
    erebus said:
    Wow, late to the show but Goliath is awesome. I think season 3 starts soon also. Just about done season 1
    Just finished Season 2 as well. Looking forward to season 3. Thorton is awesome. a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul...
  • hedonisthedonist standing on the edge of foreverPosts: 20,064
    The scenes with the Asian hooker are among my favorites.  And that whole fucked up limbless fantasy shitshow.

    God I love it.

    Can't wait!
  • LizardLizard So CalPosts: 11,946
    I may give A Very English Scandal a try.
    Is it over yet? #ITMFA
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