Brad Klausen on Fade To Black Radio Wednesday Oct 10th 7 PM Pacific

hey gang... always feel weird about any sorta self promotion... even typing out the subject line for this thread felt weird.... but given I am part of a documentary series and the people behind it have done an amazing job and poured their heart and souls into it, and I am beyond pleased to be a part of it, I would feel bad if I did not do my part to spread the word and do a little promotion :

I will be on Fade To Black Radio with Jimmy Church tomorrow Wednesday Oct 10th at 7 PM Pacific, talking about music and posters but mostly talking about the Magical Egypt documentary series I am a part if you are interested in things like ancient Egypt, esoterica and/or consciousness, tune in and check it out. If you go to the Fade To Black Radio youtube page (linked below) at 7 PM Pacific tomorrow, you can listen live.


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    GL with this, hope it goes well!
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    Cool!  Thanks for the heads up.  =)
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    Hmmm...sounds very interesting and a needed break from the poster scene. I'll check it out, Brad. Thanks.
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    A little late for me to tune in but glad their YouTube channel uploads all their episodes. Can't wait to hear Brad. :) 
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    Gonna try to catch this live, but definitely on demand later if not. Magical Egypt has been on my to-watch list for a while. John Anthony West was a fascinating guy - had the pleasure of hearing him on Joe Rogan's podcast a few times.

    Brad, can you talk about your involvement with the project? Or is the plan to cover that in the interview? I mean, I can hazard a guess...
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    Ep. 931 FADE TO BLACK w/ Brad Klausen : LIVE

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    demetrios said:
    Ep. 931 FADE TO BLACK w/ Brad Klausen : LIVE

    Thanks, totally forgot about this last night. Going to give it a listen in a little while.
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